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A Fall Feeling | Sarah and Travis’ Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

What is it that says, “Fall,” when you think of the season? Is it a color? Is it a mood or a temperature? Is it a feeling? When one suggests a fall wedding in Central Texas, there is a sigh of relief, as the cooler weather allows more flexibility of venue and activity than traditional early summer plans. Fall, in Texas, starts late and ends late, so there’s time in early December to set a date and reap the benefits of availability and moderate climate, as well as the autumnal scenery that Texas adds well into “official winter.” Sarah and Travis embraced the fall feeling for their wedding celebration, and it made for the most casual, comfortable and chic celebration we’ve perhaps ever seen.

Footwear on fleekCelebrating Awesome FootwearGetting Ready with the Bride

I Get By With A Little Help

As the song says, “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.”

With A Little Help From My...

She does, too!

Reading the Wedding Day Note

With warm tones embraced by the design, the decor, the venue and the dress of the wedding party members, Sarah and Travis’ wedding looks like it was pulled from the most well-apportioned magazine (like Garden & Gun, perhaps), and accentuates all the beauty and excitement that a wedding day can bring. When paired with the vintage touches that hand-tied bowties and a hand-woven accessory handkerchief – careful to include ‘something blue in the weave – their wedding exuded touches of class throughout the design and through the execution. The Addison Grove added its rich wood tones as the canvas upon which this masterpiece was painted, and accents of deepest red, mustard hues and pastel flashes were an ideal compliment, courtesy of Gypsy Floral, who outfitted both the bride’s and the groom’s party impeccably.

Ready to March Down the AisleDress DetailBridal AccessoriesThe Perfect AccentA Sneak Preview

The Bridesmaids' First Look

Forget the groom, the bridesmaids’ first look has all of the right reactions.

Groom Side StrongBride Squad ColorsA Stunning Moment of ReflectionStepping OutBride and Her Court

But the fall colors and the festive venue only tell a part of the story, as each element of their wedding was executed with precision, grace and beauty. From the gold-lined paper that greeted guests from their menu to the inventive use of french macarons as a makeshift groom’s cake, the guests were treated to the most photo-friendly scenes within which to set their joy and celebration, making every photo the best wedding photo ever shared. Still, the most profound images, from which it was impossible to choose these few, were captured by TwoPair Photography, who took advantage of every background and made artwork of an overcast day, making images that are, at a glance, timeless and unapologetically modern.

Bridesmaids were not in matching dresses, but in colors and styles that complimented one another and complimented the color scheme perfectly. And, without jackets, the groomsmen’s perfectly tailored shirts and bow ties made for a festive twist on a tradition that often leans in too-formal a direction. Sarah’s dress managed to outshine them all, as a good wedding gown is wont to do, and saving the first look for the moment when the doors open – a touch that we feel never goes out of style – allowed TwoPair Photography to capture that Travis, too, shared our regard for the radiant bride.

Floral Accents

A Menu Fit For Royalty

Gold on gold on gold, this is a regal menu.

Cake and MacaronS+TWedding-00335Almost ThereAt First SightGiving AwayChapelExchange of VowsI Now Pronounce You

Making It Official

Sometimes, witnesses are called upon to make it fully official.

When choosing a representative set of images to showcase a wedding, there are always the standouts. They are the images that help define a wedding, in a handful of images. Usually, it’s a singular image, but in the case of Sarah and Travis, it was impossible to not include this precious sequence, wherein a flashmob of the wedding party approached the happy couple and surrounded them in love and joy (and, needless to say, some fearful surprise!).

Love Attack Sequence 1 Love Attack Sequence 2

Love Attack Sequence 3

Love Attack Sequence 4

Love Attack Sequence 7

Love Attack Sequence 6

Love Attack Sequence 5

Love Attack Sequence 8

With a Western flair and Southern panache, Sarah and Travis certainly wowed their gathered beloveds, their photographer and this magazine, and we can only wish everyone’s wedding day shares the laid-back cool that their fall day brought. You might say, we tip a hat to the planners, the venue and everyone involved with pulling off the ideal fall wedding.

Dapper Travis

Paper Suite

This elaborate paper suite shows off all the elegance and whimsy the happy couple has and shares.

Table Setting

It's A Bird

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a garter toss!

Getting Down at Any Age

Learning at a Young Age
REALLY Everybody on the Dance Floor

Everybody on the Dance Floor


Fireworks Farewell