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Meet Cute to Married | Beth and Nick's Wedding

Daniel Ramirez
A Stolen Moment Beneath the Veil

The best stories all start simply. A chance meeting between boy and girl turns into phone conversations, turns into shared walks and longer conversations over dates and gatherings, turns into a life together. It's a story that's been told time and again. And, yes, Nick asked Beth to walk through the neighborhood with him and dream of a future after their first date, arrived at after text message courtship. And, yes, things bloomed from there.

But, although Beth and Nick may have fallen into this script, they added all their own lines and expanded on every element. They made the most of their "meet cute" and used the elements of their first date to craft the perfect proposal, as well as echo through their wedding day photos. Walking through the neighborhood in their wedding attire, planning still more amazing days together, Beth and Nick created a springboard from their wedding day, upon which the rest of their lives can soar.

And, obviously from their photos, fun will play a significant role in their marriage – as will music and fashion and beauty and love, all of which were on display at their Georgetown event, hosted at the Union on Eighth. While the groomsmen gathered to ready themselves in an Airstream, Beth and her bride squad gushed over the incredible florals and the decor of the room, as well as the breathtaking beauty that the bride, herself displayed.

As the outdoor ceremony concluded and day faded into night, karaoke made a cameo appearance and the crowd joined in the revelry as every one of the dearly beloved who had gathered on this special day toasted to Beth and Nick and their too bright future – that Nick thankfully had the right shades (a wedding day gift from Beth) to face, head on.


The rings set in purple accent flowers
Nick Looking Too Cool
The Groomsmen Hang Out
Beth's Gift from Nick was concert tickets
Bridesmaids Fawn Over Beth
The Moment When The Audience Rises

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