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Magic from West 6th to West Austin: Melissa & Nick's Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

It started with a chance meeting at an old West 6th locale. They went their separate ways, chasing the liveliness of the Austin night. Call it kismet, but despite the display each had for the out-and-about – Nick with his ample charm and Melissa with her undeniable allure – fate was clearly calling the shots on West 6th. Shortly thereafter, they ran into one another again and fate tied the rest of their respective evenings together. In truth, fate had still grander plans and their futures were also tied inexorably together. And so it was that on a cool night, west of Austin, surrounded by family, friends, the Hill Country ambience of The Addison Grove and maybe just a little moonlight and a lot of magic, Melissa and Nick surrendered to the plans that fate had in mind and were united as husband and wife. After seven years of adventures and travels and date night and memories forged together, they took their infectious joy and shared it with all who gathered together to celebrate.

The Paper suite provided to potential guests, celebrating the magic of Melissa & Nick Melissa and her bridesmaids share a laugh while getting ready. The dress, an absolute tribute to elegance, hangs ready. The bridal bouquet by Antonio Bond of Transplants Floral shines on its own.

[caption id="attachment_21640" align="alignnone" width="620"]No detail is spared, as Melissa's shoes have a message all their own, deftly expressing her whimsy & adventurousness.

No detail is spared, as Melissa's shoes have a message all their own, deftly expressing her whimsy & adventurousness.[/caption] And, while Ashley Garmon Photographers managed to capture nearly every moment of the magic involved in Melissa & Nick's celebration, the images are only a window into the exuberance and elegance that were married that evening, alongside Melissa & Nick. From early afternoon into night, the light complimented every step, from the glowing light of the bride's ready chambers to the outdoor exchange of vows while the excited audience remained under cover of shade, and into the evening, when the venue's wood interior diffused all light to make it warm and welcoming, and bordering on a persistent "magic hour." In particular, it highlighted the bright color of flowers provided by Transplants Floral. Truly a family affair, the bride was met at the altar by the most supportive of her loved ones, who shared the moment she was given to Nick in marriage. The emotions from both Nick and Melissa defined the rest of the evening, and uncontrollable smiles and laughter were in ready supply throughout the festivities.

Melissa and her bridesmaids share a laugh while getting ready. The dress is finally adjusted, and Melissa could hardly be happier to finally have her magic moment. A subtle spectrum of crimson to rosé to grey adorned the bridal party. A single romantic flower is delivered to the bride, Melissa, on her magical day. The bouquet, a balance between deepest crimson and fuschia stands against Melissa's ivory stole. A gathering of givers to give Melissa away in matrimony.   The subtle and soft textures of the boutonnière accentuates the bright color, amid the distinguished grey tones.

[caption id="attachment_21633" align="alignnone" width="620"]The bridesmaids are trying to sneak a peek.

Peeking out the windows to get a glimpse of the "first look," the bridesmaids marvel at the vision Melissa is.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21627" align="alignnone" width="620"]First look is on its way.

Nick has but a faint idea of the magic moment headed directly for him.[/caption] Organized and meticulously curated by Gina Whittington of The WHITT Experience, and catered by Austin standout, Royal Fig, guests were treated to an Austin-centric cocktail hour menu with local libations like Real Ale, Austin Beerworks and Deep Eddy Vodka, before sitting down at communal wood tables to dine.

The light has its own magic, as the ceremony is bathed in outdoor light, while the covered seating frames the magical ceremony.The bride and groom, backlit by warm woods, steals the show. Melissa and Nick keep all eyes on them as they share their first dance. A table setting fit for fun and frolic. The bride takes a much needed break from all the fun. Staging the departure. The bride and the ringbearer steal a moment.

[caption id="attachment_21648" align="alignnone" width="620"]Time to celebrate.

At long last, it is time to celebrate the future that is to come for Melissa and Nick.[/caption] Rarely has a couple been seen having more fun at their wedding, and thanks to the preparation and attention to detail of all involved, Melissa and Nick managed to let the magic of family, friends, food, decor, light and elegance sweep them off their feet and out into whatever fate still has yet in store for their union.

Photography: Ashley Garmon Photographers • Planning: The WHITT Experience • Catering: Royal Fig Catering • Flowers: Transplants Floral.

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