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Ask the Expert- Bridal Beauty

Rochelle Rae


Rochelle Rae is an award winning professional makeup artist and owner of the cosmetics line Rae. Trusted by photographers, filmmakers, models, wedding coordinators, celebrities, fashion designers and brides, Rochelle has earned a reputation as a premier makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur. We asked future brides for their biggest beauty dilemmas. Here are a few of the most asked questions.

I have very pale skin and always stay out of the sun but would like to have a little more color on my wedding day. Can someone so pale wear bronzer? Camille – Austin, TX

Absolutely but you shouldn’t try to entirely change the color of your skin. Stay close to your natural skin tone, just a shade or two darker will give you the natural, healthy glow of a nice summer vacation. Too dark and you can look dirty or splotchy; never go darker than you would actually get after a long weekend in the sun. Avoid too much shimmer in bronzer, which tends to look fake and are harder to get an all over smooth blend. You should apply bronzer to the areas where your skin would actually get the most bronzed naturally. Apply to the cheeks, tops of cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. If showing, I also like to apply it to the chest and shoulders. Add a pop of a pink blush shade to the apples of the cheeks for a natural sun-kissed look. Try Rae Cosmetics Bungalow Glow Mineral Bronzer. It contains two, one matte and one with a bit of   shimmer to brighten the face with subtle golden highlights or the ultimate bronze glow. (

My wedding and reception are outside beginning in the late afternoon, lasting well into the night, and it will be hot. How can I get my makeup to last? Emily – Buda, TX

Start with a primer, it provides a smooth, matte surface for you to apply your makeup and extends the wear. Choose a water-based foundation or tinted moisturizer, unlike an oil-based product it allows your skin to breathe and sweat, so your foundation doesn’t slide off your face before your first dance. Just set it lightly with powder. If you need to reapply powder during the day, use oil blotters first to keep the powder from caking. And as always, use a foundation with sunscreen, especially for an outdoor wedding. The Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 15 from Rae Cosmetics is a perfect choice; it was specifically created to be heat and perspiration resistant. So you don’t have to be afraid to sweat or shed a few tears. (

I hate my eyebrows. They are very sparse and have some bald spots. How can I fill them in and still look natural? Stephanie – Cedar Park, TX

Bold brows are back! That doesn’t mean extremely dark, just very well defined, so when choosing a brow color, pick a shade close to your natural color. I suggest a shade slightly lighter than your own, because when filled in it will appear darker. I like to use a brow pencil and sharpen it before each use. A very fine point makes it easier to produce fine, natural looking hair-like lines. Begin by brushing the brow up. Using the pencil, start at the lower inside edge of the eyebrow, work upward and out, applying lots of small, light strokes. Draw the lines in the direction of the hair growth, trying to closely represent individual hairs for strong but natural looking brows. You may want to set them with a sweep of gel or even a bit of hairspray. Try the Rae Cosmetics Brow Blender Pencil, the true-to-life colors create natural looking eyebrows and the water-resistant formula resists smudging and fading for a long lasting powder finish. (

I have had several people tell me not to wear my normal foundation on my wedding day or for my Bridal portraits because it is a mineral and contains the SPF zinc.  Is that true?Lauren – Austin, TX

I have heard this too. I’ve heard that causes your face to look pale in photographs. I COMPELTELY DISAGREE, your foundation would have to be closer to the zinc oxide surfers wear on their nose at the beach to cause that effect. The amount of zinc in your tinted moisturizer or foundation will not cause your face to look white in photos, only choosing the wrong foundation color will. I have done makeup for hundreds of Brides, magazines, commercials, print ads and many of the photos in this magazine. The tinted moisturizer and foundation I use does contain SPF and I have never had a complaint about a face looking too white. Layer on your SPF and be confident your skin will be beautiful and protected in pictures and in person. I would love to wear red lipstick on my wedding day, but honestly it scares me.

Can anyone wear red? Kim - Austin, Texas

Nothing says glamour like a bombshell red pout, but it can be a bit tricky. You have to pick a color that complements your skin tone. The paler the complexion the bolder the red will appear. If you are very pale choose a red with a hint of pink or orange, probably best to stay away from the bluer shades of red. If your skin is darker, opt for a brick or burgundy red. Don’t try to match a red lipstick to your red dress; it needs to look good on your skin. Go into the store and try on a few shades. Also, with all the eating and drinking, keeping it on can be a struggle; you could look a mess before you even make it to the mistletoe. Here are a few helpful red lip application hints. Apply lip liner to your entire lip and then apply lipstick. Lightly blot, then apply lip gloss to just the center of your lips. With a small brush apply powder to outside edge of lip line to keep it from bleeding. Try Rae Cosmetics, Bombshell Lip Lust Lipstick. It is a very versatile shade of lipstick that looks good on many skin tones. (

Everyone seems to go more natural with their wedding day makeup but I love color and I would like to ad a little sparkle or glitter mine.  How can I do this without looking tacky or inappropriate? Cindy – Austin, TX

It is your wedding day, so do what makes you happy. Color and sparkle can look beautiful and is actually a popular trend this season but a little shimmer can go a long way so choose a lighter shade like icy blue or lavender. First, line the upper lash line.  This would be a great time to experiment with new liner colors as well; you will love a change from the traditional brown and black. Apply a light shadow to the entire lid then the brighter, shimmery color in the crease and outer edges. Try a slightly different colored shadow across the lower lash line. The key to keeping this from looking tacky is blending, and lots of it. You want a smooth transition between colors, a very soft look. Highlight the brow bone and inside corner of the eye with a glittering white for and extra pop. When opting for a colorfully dramatic eye, pair it with a minimalistic, fresh faced look and nude lip. This fun look can still look sophisticated. Try the Rae Cosmetics Extremely Violet Palette or the Icicle Eye Set is the ultimate sparkling set all in a convenient little wristlet. (

Everyone says I should hire a makeup artist for my wedding, because honestly I am not very good at doing it myself, but I don’t wear very much and am scared of looking like a clown.  Any tips for me? Anne – Marble Falls, TX

Hiring a makeup artist is a wonderful idea but there are a lot of not so great ones working out there, so choose carefully. A lot of time and attention went into choosing every detail of your wedding; don’t let your makeup be any different.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a fantastic artist.

1. Get referrals from anyone you can, people who will give you their honest opinion, your friends, family, co-workers and in chat rooms.

2. Interview the makeup artist, ask for a resume, referrals and look at their portfolio. If they do not have a portfolio, that is not a good sign. Anyone can take pictures of their work.

3. To ease your nerves, plan to do a runthrough. Try to plan it for the day of a party, shower or portrait; you don’t want to waste it.

4. Tear out pictures from magazines of makeup you like and don’t like, this will help the makeup artist will understand your style.

5. Don’t be afraid to tell a makeup artist that you don’t like something they have done. It’s your wedding and you will be looking at the pictures for the rest of your life.

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