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Stregare Cheesecake Company is Austin's premier designer cheesecake company.  We specialize in custom cheesecakes and cheese tortes and the creativity doesn't stop there.  We are happy to work with you or your event planner to create a display that is as beautiful as it is delicious.  Stregare is an Italian word that means to bewitch and we can promise you that your guests will enjoy our creations with all their senses.  We take great pride in providing you with a high quality product and exceptional customer service.  Below are just a few of the key points that set our company head and shoulders above the rest. Locally sourced ingredients - we look for every opportunity to include local fresh ingredients into our products.  Our commitment to quality will always be reflected in the ingredients we use.  Much like the traditional communities of Europe, our commitment to sourcing and providing good local food is not a trend, just a way of life. Custom creations of flavor and style “ our cakes are delicious and incredibly versatile in style and flavor.  We can match your colors at a wedding or special party.  Have a theme to your event?  Let us design a flavor and look that will fit in perfectly!  We can help you put the crowning touches on your event to give it something extra special.  We are always up for a challenge and love working with families and catering companies to create something extraordinary.  We will work with you personally to find out what your needs are and to create a few options that will most fit your requests. Made fresh to order “ never frozen! “ we don't freeze our cakes before you get them.  We make them, typically, the night before you need them and deliver them fresh to your door.  We feel that this strategy provides you with the freshest and best tasting cheesecake you can get.  We will never compromise our quality of flavor and texture by freezing our cakes before we deliver them to you. Frequently Asked Questions for Weddings Can you stack a cheesecake? Yes we can!  We offer cakes in 12-inch, 9-inch, 7-inch and 5-inch rounds or squares that we can stack in any 2 or 3 layer combination of your choice.  We can decorate these cakes with sugar sheets (pictures printed with edible ink), air brushing, and/or cream cheese frosting just to name a few options. Where can I try your flavors? Call us today to set up your free tasting (512-563-2744).  We will be happy to meet you and your fiancé for a chance to try some flavors and discuss ideas for your wedding.  We typically meet at a coffee shop or local winery where the atmosphere is relaxed and casual and we can get to know you and find out what your needs are for your wedding.  Take a look at our site and pick 4 to 5 flavors that you would like to try and then give us a call to set up a time to meet that best works for you. How many cakes do I need for my guests? This is a good question and depends on what other desserts you might be serving and what sizes and combinations of cakes you order.  Some good general guidelines are as follows:

  • Cheesecake bites (about the size of a Reese's Cup, 1 ) “ we recommend 3 per person
  • Personal Cakes (cupcake size) “ One is the equivalent of a slice of cake so 1 per person is good
  • Baby Cakes (a small cupcake, about 2 ) “ One to two per guest depending on other desserts served
  • 9-inch cake “ typically serves 12
  • 12-inch cake “ typically serves 16
  • 7-inch cake “ typically serves 8
  • 5-inch cake “ typically serves 4 to 6

What if my wedding is outside?  Can we still have cheesecake? Yes!  But you do need to take some precautions.  Cheesecake needs to be kept cold.  If you are planning an outdoor wedding, especially in the warmer months of the year, it's a good idea to make sure you have refrigeration at your venue where extra cakes can be easily stored.  Our recommendation is that you have a smaller display of cheesecakes for your guests and restock this display frequently from refrigerated stock to make sure your cakes stay cold. Do you have a contract?

  1. Because we make all our cakes fresh to order, we will create your cake(s) the night before you need them.  Once you have decided on flavors, sizes and number of cakes just let us know and we will create an invoice for your order.  We will send you that invoice and you can pay it online with a credit card or PayPal and you're done!  If you change your mind on flavors later or want to add to your order that's no problem “ just let us know a week before your delivery date.

Do you deliver?  Does it cost extra? Yes we do deliver right to your venue or anywhere you request the cakes to be taken (i.e. Catering office etc.) and no, there is no charge for delivery.  Because we do not have a store front and our bakery is not open to the public we will bring the cakes directly to you. Where do you deliver to? We will be happy to deliver your order to your venue anywhere in the Austin area, Round Rock, Georgetown, Bastrop or the Hill Country area.  If you have a question about a specific location, please give us a call (512-563-2744). Testimonials: We ordered a 7" cheesecake as well as the cheesecake bites for our wedding guests. The cheesecake turned out amazing. They were even able to put a little sugar bicycle on the plain cheesecake bites. (our wedding theme). They drove down from Austin for our tasting, as well as to drop off the cheesecake the day of the wedding. They went above and beyond. - Erin M 10/20/2015 Luci and Michael were absolutely amazing. Everything from the tasting and planning to the delivery was stellar. The cheesecakes themselves were absolutely delicious. The hardest part was picking which flavors we liked most. They went above and beyond on decorating to our unique theme. Everyone was thrilled with our wedding cheesecakes- it went over so much better than the traditional cake for flavor but kept all the same beauty. - Michelle 4/18/2015 Stregare Cheesecake is absolutely fantastic. We hired them to do the grooms cake at our wedding and were so happy with the result! They were incredibly easy to work with, communicative, professional, and totally excited about doing our cakes with custom decoration! The flavors themselves were AMAZING and DELISH! We had a really hard time deciding on our final flavors b/c there was too much goodness to narrow down! Luci worked closely with me to create a custom design on my cakes that fit perfectly with our wedding décor. They were timely with their delivery and super helpful throughout the planning and execution of the wedding. Overall, I cannot recommend them highly enough! Outstanding work, delish cheesecake, and great people!- Hailey 2/21/15 The little cheesecake bites they make at Stregare Cheesecake Company are absolutely delicious! If you are not big cake fans like my husband and I, this is the perfect option! The team is wonderful and will help you come up with the amount you need, any flavors your heart desires and delivered them to the venue too! All of our little bites were the perfect for our dessert table and the guest loved all of the flavors- from red velvet to blueberry lavender! Thank you so much Stregare y'all are the best!- Laurel 10/4/14 Amazing cheesecake and an awesome value. We weren't looking for a traditional wedding cake and decided on having cheesecake for our dessert. However, I did want a cake to cut into for the reception and came across Stregare. They met with us before and brought us samples of different cakes for us to try. They offer any flavor you can think of and several different size options. And the cake was delicious!!- Kristina 12/13/13 We loved the cheesecake bites at our wedding! They are about the size of miniature Reese cups. They were all delicious (red velvet, kahlua, and lemon raspberry), but we definitely loved the lemon raspberry the best! It is cool and refreshingly sweet with some zest to it! If you are not big cake eaters, then I highly recommend you try Stregare Cheesecake Company!- Tiffany 9/1/13 We used Stegare Cheesecake Company for my daughter's wedding. Instead of a groom's cake we did cheesecake bites! Absolutely the best cheesecake ever!!! Our wedding guests loved the idea of cheesecake over groom's cake. We had four different flavors and they were all fabulous!! Working with Stegare Cheesecake Company was a very positive experience from start to finish! Very friendly and professional! - Anonymous 6/22/13

My wife and I decided we wanted cheesecakes instead of traditional wedding cake for our ceremony and she found Stregare Cheesecake. The company is a husband-and-wife team who turned their hobby into a business a few years ago. They were able to sit down with us on short notice with samples and gave us an estimate on the cost on the spot. They are professional, courteous, and helpful, something sadly lacking in a lot of other folks my wife and I dealt with while planning the wedding. They showed up on-time the day of the wedding to set up (something the meal Catering didn't manage to do), set everything out nicely in tasteful display, and left quietly. The service alone is worth four stars.

And then we get to the actual cakes themselves. Holy smokes, these folks know what they're doing. Stregare cheesecakes are incredibly rich, have a smooth texture, and walk a very delicate balance between sweet and savory. My wife and I ordered two standard size cakes in two different flavors, and six flavors of the smaller cupcake-sized cakes. The guests loved them. My wife and I took a sample of everything to snack on during the honeymoon. Every flavor was amazing. My wife's favorite is the dark-chocolate with sea salt, which has a wonderful sea-salt bite before you taste the chocolate. I'm still torn between the original and the Mexican vanilla. Our only suggestion is that the delicious crumb crust be made just a bit thicker. (Or maybe just sell the crust by itself as crackers. So tasty.....) In all seriousness, I cannot recommend this company highly enough both in terms of professionalism and delicious cheesecakes.- Jonathan C. 8/18/2015


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