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Amanda + Jesse: Fun-filled Outdoor Wedding Day with Rustic Details

Leila Kalmbach

Wedding: April 15, 2017

Ceremony & reception: County Line on the Lake, Austin

Honeymoon: Southeast Asia and the South Pacific

When Amanda Martin first met Jesse O’Brien at the wedding of two mutual friends on Lake Travis, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. They started dating not long after, each drawn to the other’s adventurous, outdoorsy nature and love of travel. Amanda recalls that the moment she knew she had truly fallen for Jesse was right before she jumped out of a plane while they were skydiving together. Both Amanda and Jesse love the water, so, six years into dating, she didn’t think anything of it when he asked her to visit Lost Creek; he’d grown up near the creek, and it was special to him. This visit, however, was different. He proposed in front of his family, and their chocolate Lab, Jamie, presented her with the ring. Fast-forward to the wedding, where the theme was simplicity. They chose County Line on the Lake for that quality; having Bull Creek in the background sealed the deal. Jamie wore a flower wreath around her neck during the ceremony and stole the show. For the couple’s send-off, a friend surprised them by picking them up in his boat from the dock at Bull Creek, and they sailed off into the serenity of Lake Austin.

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