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A Blend of Merriment and Meaning | Victoria and Nathan’s Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

So many elements collide on a wedding day that it’s often difficult to keep track. One moment, there is a swell of powerful emotion, and the next there is a reckless bout of whimsy. Maintaining a balance, while not letting the chaos of a wedding day derail those two sides of one’s heart is, to put it mildly, an effort. Happily for Victoria and Nathan, everything found a profound harmony on the day of their wedding, filling their gathered guests and their own hearts with equal parts meaning and merriment, throughout the entire day.

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Bee Happy

Met on Bumble? Need bee socks.

Paper Suite

The happy couple made sure to include elements that were most meaningful to them. Considering that they met on the dating app, Bumble, the groom sported a bumble bee tie and provided bee socks for all the groomsmen, offering the touch of fun to their attire. The meaning, however, was also represented in a lapel pin the bride had specifically made for her husband-to-be, which bore the signature of Nathan’s deceased father, putting a family stamp on the proceedings and bringing the groom to obvious tears.

First Look

Nathan turns to greet his stunning bride in a “first look” moment for the ages.

Nathan Begins

Unsuspecting what gift she’s gotten him, Nathan opens the box.

Recognizing Something Familiar

Nathan begins to recognize the signature pin Victoria gifted him.


Overwhelmed with the moment, Nathan has but one response to Victoria’s incredible gift.

A True Signature Pin

In full display, Nathan proudly wears the signature of his father, in more ways than one.

The bride, a ravishing beauty in her full-length Stone Cold Fox (a fitting name for the designer and the bride’s appearance) gown, brought more than the meaning, as she and her bridesmaids readied with plenty of laughter, reminiscing and shared dreams of what the day and the days to come might hold for the happy couple. Affixed with incredible bouquets from Copper and Birch that, at once united both the feeling of an incoming autumn, while never sacrificing the happier bright tones of a summer wedding, the “bride squad” made ready with mimosas or Shiner Beer, and looked picture perfect while getting “wedding picture perfect” together.

In The Bridal Suite

Tables Turned

Usually, it’s the bridesmaids helping the bride into their gown. Victoria turns the tables and helps make her bridesmaid look stellar.

Getting ReadyBridal Party

Looking Forward

Peering confidently out into the moments and days to come, Victoria is framed by light and beauty, reflecting both as she looks forward.

Victoria Isolation

The ceremony, a humble affair, captured all of the scenic beauty of the Hill Country that Vintage Villas had to offer, showcasing the breathtaking look that the wedding color scheme aimed to capture. Both reverence and rowdiness made appearances throughout the proceedings; and, once all was said and done, the happiest and most fetching couple we’ve seen in some time made their way down the aisle, together – pausing for a brief congratulatory moment on their way to pause, take everything in and get ready for the rest of the evening.

Down Set

Married on a Saturday in the fall in Texas? You take the groomsmen out of football season, but you can’t take football season out of the groomsmen.

I Do (Laugh)

The fun just would not quit, as the happy couple finds levity in the middle of the ceremony.

A Perfect MomentRing In A Perfect Setting

Video Greetings

Facetime or Instagram? Either way, it’s about to be a party!

She's Mine

A high five in celebration is not only granted, but wholly appropriate.

A Stolen Moment

Magic HourFirst Look - Best LookA Kiss Among the WoodsA Happier Couple There Never Was


Imbued with so much meaning, the readiness, special moments (like a “first look”) and pageantry of the day can get a little heavy at times, but Victoria and Nathan made sure to bring the fun thunder. Commemorative sunglasses and the “work hard/play hard” mentality they brought to the party spilled into the significantly non-traditional wedding cake. Personal bundt cakes surrounded the “formal” bundt cake for the bride and groom. And, with champagne and Shiner flowing, the real party began in earnest. ‘The worm’ was spotted making an appearance. As were some suave dance moves by both the bride and the groom. Even the wedding officiant, Nathan’s sister, got into the frivolity.

No one wanted the party to end, and when it came time to depart, the couple opted for keeping the DJ past his scheduled hour, just to keep the night going. Filled with meaningful memories of both depth and joy, Victoria and Nathan’s union is one that can surely never be topped – except, something tell us, by every day they spend together for the rest of their lives.

Let It Begin!

Plans executed? Check. Guests happy? Check. Vows said? Check. Time to party? Time to PARTY.

Floral Accents



Bundt Cakes Everywhere

Bundt WeddingGet Down Get DownLighting Up the Night

Time To PartyMother and Son

Awesome High KicksThe Night Got A Little BlurryCheers To The Blur

Oh My.

A moment that can only be described with an, “Oh My!”

A Little Flair, A Little Leg

With a flair for the dramatic and a deadly beautiful gown, the couple cuts up the dance floor.


Most couples walk cautiously out of their reception. This duo strutted.

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