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In Breathtaking Detail: Jaci and Jordan’s Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

When it comes to weddings, it’s often said that “the devil is in the details.” And, while that may be true, Jaci and Jordan found something else in the intricate details that adorned their wedding day. Whether it was the idyllic venue at TerrAdorna or the little thoughtful touches, their day was what so many seek – a perfect day. And while others might disdain overcast skies (that cleared up by day’s end) or windy conditions (which made for the best photo opportunities for April Mae Creative), the plan for the day was flawless in each detail, just like Jaci and Jordan’s nine year story, which doesn’t end with this perfect day, but launches into all the days to come.

It’s a “high school sweethearts” story made real, complete with the sentimental moments one would expect from the best of tales. Jaci noticed the cute boy on her bus in her junior year. Too scared to approach him, Jaci’s best friend did the work only a best friend can do and started a conversation between Jaci and Jordan that still has yet to end. After years in one another’s orbit and through adventures untold, one particular journey took the couple through 5 countries and stories to last a lifetime, while another story awaited them both, as Jaci’s ring in his pocket for the entire trip, making its way secretly through customs and out of Jaci’s sight. And, in Phuket, Jordan finally revealed the tiny detail that would make their story an even greater endeavor and proposed.

The Veil Plays

Wind, which can often be thought an enemy, can work to the advantage of a dramatic moment, captured in detail by April Mae Creative.

Every Little Detail

From the top of her head to the bottom of her shoes, Jaci was beautiful in every detail.

Bridal Bouquet

Set against rustic and worn wood at TerrAdorna, the bright colors of the floral arrangement by Just’in Roses add a splash of brilliance to an already incredible day.


Perfect Setting In Perfect Setting

Another Little Detail

There are simple details that can be added to any wedding day to make it better. Jordan’s commemorative cufflinks are just one way to remember these moments forever.

Bridal Gown Detail


The ceremony, adorned by the beautiful vistas of TerrAdorna and accented with the floral decor of Just’in Roses , highlighted the elements of their story that were most precious to them – mainly, the friends and family that supported and loves them (as well as the best friend who can happily take credit for it all). Coordinated by Crystal Occasions Events, the photos tell an amazing story of a man and a woman, following one another through life’s journey. In her ethereal gown and shoes by Blue by Betsy Johnson, Jaci cast a spell over the gathered guests, as well as Jordan, himself – made even more radiant by the skill of Katy Reddell. Rather than pose for “first look” photos, the couple kept it traditional, opting for the first look to be down the aisle, under the watchful and loving eyes of their friends and family. Meanwhile, April Mae Creative captured every moment, adding chapter after chapter to this tale.

Friendly RibbingPutting on the ShineJaci Elated

With Highest Regard

The intimate and meaningful details of a wedding can be found anywhere, especially in the looks from the beloved who are there for support and encouragement.

The Bride and Her Ladies



You May Kiss the BrideLead Me Where You Go

By the time of the reception, the story being told, however, could well have been one of “how everyone went to a dance and singalong party where a wedding broke out.” So full of joy and fun was the plan and the execution, that it spilled over in every detail, from the ceremony to the cutting of the eye-catching Baked by Amy’s cake, from the sparkler send-off to someone doing the worm on the dance floor. The story of Jaci and Jordan is in the details, and each of them was refined to create a day, a moment, and a future as inspiring as they are.

AnticipationA Private Moment, DocumentedCake CuttingDance EnthusiasmThe WormTwirling Across the Dance FloorFull-on Dance Party

Singing and Serenading

Dedicated to all the revelers and the dancers, Jaci and Jordan’s reception was something to sing about.