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Brilliance by the Bay | Lauren and Cuatro’s Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

On Horseshoe Bay, during a picturesque night, Lauren and Cuatro and all of their gathered families, friends and loved ones, toasted the beginning of an incredible journey. Full of love and joy for the happy couple, the revelers dipped their toes in the magic of the moment, as Lauren and Cuatro made the bond they’d (almost) always suspected was present into a brilliant reality.

It was a casual start, with Lauren and Cuatro traveling in the same circles, noticing one another no more than in passing. Despite running into one another at any number of these outings that were unremarkable or worthy of superlative title, a spark had yet to light between the two. But their fates had a much more significant plan, and a trip out of town gave Lauren and Cuatro the opportunity to make much more out of their casual notice of one another. Pushed into closer proximity by mutual friends over an “epic” weekend at the friend’s ranch, a series of minor mishaps and the natural chaos that comes with a group of friends heading to enjoy some time away lit an interest that bloomed into a profound and appropriately epic love.


A Bed of PalmThe Dress is ReadyFloral ArrangementLace DetailGirl With A Precious EarringGroom's Button Detail

To The Jolly Good Fellow

So, here’s to Cuatro, the “Jolly Good Fellow” to his mates.

To The Bride

Not to be outdone, the bridal limousine held its own toast.

So, it stands to reason that the wedding they held, complete with family and friends – particularly some of those friends responsible for creating the opportunity for their incredible union –was nothing less than “epic,” itself. Held at St. Johns Episcopal Church, with a reception that followed at the scenic Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club, the occasion had all of the hallmarks of an epic event. Limousine transport for both parties included a toast to both the bride and the groom. The church, with its warm wood accents and elegant stonework, was a showcase for the illuminating presence of the breathtaking bride, clad in the most detailed lace. Of course, the groom, though outdone by his bride-to-be’s stunning gown, was no slouch in an impeccably detailed suit, with feather bow tie and spur button togs [he certainly looked dapper enough to garner an impromptu kiss from a member of the wedding party that wasn't Lauren].

The Little Details

Neither the shining diamond nor the vision the bride is needs polishing, but a little accent is never a poor decision.

The Gathered Beloved

Best Men

You may now kiss the…groom?

Family is FirstI Do. I Do.Celebration TimeBridal BouquetHere's to the Couple

The Strut to the Reception

If the Wedding Squad has to wait through pictures before they can cut loose, they certainly can strut their way there.

Bride in ParadiseA Tropical EscapePicturesqueVeils and Smiles

To continue their epic adventure, the reception took over the Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club, complete with its waterfalls, palm trees and majestic waterfront seating. Lights, strewn to mimic stars, and the dock, arranged for seating and viewing of the wedding party from the waterside, all drew attention to well apportioned table settings and some truly epic accoutrements – such as a “cake” made of cheeses. With every epic moment, Brio Photography was on hand to capture it. All in all, it was an epic experience, while still but the start of Lauren and Cuatro’s adventure together.

0496Coastal Reception

Dusk Takes Over

As the sun falls, the lights brighten and outshine all but the bride, herself.

A Stolen KissA Bright Shining Departure

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