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Come Rain or Come Shine

Instagram Inspirations
Daniel Ramirez
High as a mountain, deep as a river

What is it about rainy days (of which we've had a lot in Texas, lately) that makes us always think of music. And, although the propect of rain on a wedding or engagement day isn't always a welcome one, it never fails to reinforce the love shared between couples on the road to their wedding day. This week, when looking to our Instagram Inspirations, we just kept hearing "Days may be cloudy or sunny/We're in or we are out of the money/But I'm with you always/I'm with you rain or shine." To us, it sounds like wedding vows, as well as the perfect reason to showcase the wet pavement proposals, kisses under umbrellas and brilliantly defiant walks into the light that sneaks through the cloud that are part of these amazing photos.

Rain or shine, we encourage you to follow @austinweddingday on Instagram, to check out the talented people who help forge or capture the captivating images below. And tag your images with #austinweddingday to be featured.

(also, here's our favorite version of our inspiring song, today)

A Rainy Night Proposal
A Kiss in Old New Orleans
The University of Texas is perfect on a rainy day (as long as you have your love)
The Light Catches a Kiss Under the Umbrella
It Looks Like Rain, but It's Just the Lights

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