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The Dance of Marriage: Julie & Jorge’s Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

Some say it’s all about the dress. Others say it’s all about the flowers. But Julie and Jorge know. When it comes to their marriage, it’s all about the dance. Their dance began with a predicted partnership, as Julie’s friend scouted out what she called “your new best friend” long before Julie met Jorge. New to Austin, Julie wasn’t in a headspace to kick off her heels and join this dance, but Jorge soon had her swaying and shimmying in time, even despite a few missteps [his first compliment was a bit of a stumble, as he said, “Your teeth are SO white!”].

Paper Suite & Accessories

Designed by the bride and groom, Julie and Jorge’s paper suite is as elegant as their dance together.

The Little TouchesWith This RingFraming the MemoryGetting Ready

Before long, their steps were as though they had been choreographed together, with a few flares thrown in for good measure. As Jorge pitched the idea of helping out his sister by being a couple to model for her interest in photography, he had quite a big finish in mind. Rather than just playing a loving couple for the camera, Jorge proposed and Julie continued to match him, stride for stride, saying yes to their marriage.

Final Preparations

Peeking Into Their World

Some moments last forever in the mind. And with the right photographer, they can be relived again and again.

First Look

Sometimes, it’s almost too overwhelming to take in all the beauty of the first look.


The wedding day, when it finally came, followed their incredible lead, made possible by the fact that Julie coordinated her own wedding! Dressed in Maggie Sottero from Signature Bridal and making sure that every note was perfect, Julie was practically a song all on her own. The Pecan Springs Ranchprovided the background vocals, with their sunset hues and natural beauty. Meanwhile, the rhythm was the navy and purple accents that brightened every view, courtesy of Coral Vine Floral Design and their designer, Monika Jimenez-Seely, as well as the magnificent cake – a harmonious compliment to the day and the decor – from Bride’s Table.

A Classy Cake

A Proper Treat

Kolaches serve Julie & Jorge as a proper treat for their guests.

Stepping Out

Mariachi Band

The mariachis bring a vibrant and authentic energy to the celebration.

Not to be outdone, Jorge cut a sharp figure of his own, playing partner to Julie in every facet from vow-exchange to cake-cutting. And he made sure that his dancing skills were more than up to the task of sweeping Julie off her feet, now and forever. The wedding was relentlessly fun, inviting not only a DJ to command the crowd to the floor, but a genuine mariachi band to raise the volume on the party to a nice respectable level. And none of this celebration escaped the watchful eye or spectacular lens of April Mae Creative, who created images to last a lifetime and dance out of the frame in which they’re placed.

The Calm Before The WhirlwindHints of Purple

Everywhere the Signs

It’s obvious, but still a nice way to state it in pictures. Love is everywhere.

Into the SunsetCut the Cake

Through pivot, turn, dip and sway – whether on the dance floor or in more treasured and quiet moments – Julie and Jorge provided a night that their guests will never forget, all while setting a tone for all the grace, the meaning, the whimsy and the love to come in a signature dance that will be all their own.

Let's All Dance

When the bride and groom know how to dance, it gets everyone on the floor.

Spinning HotterThe FinaleAn Intimate Moment