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Every Picture Tells A Story: Ashley & Zach's Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

Ashley & Zach Capture Many Moments in a Single Frame & Launch Many More to Come.

If every wedding is the celebration of a journey both ended and begun, then it must also serve as a picture – a snapshot of the adventurous path that brought bride and groom to this point, as well as of all the adventures to come. Ashley and Zach’s wedding is no different. Further, not only did their wedding create the memories and the images to last a lifetime of stories, but their ceremony and celebration shared the story that had brought them to this point in their lives.

Paper Suite

Coral and Navy hues created a contrast both formal and playful.

A Pivotal Chapter

A pivotal chapter in the story of Ashley & Zach.

Floral by Wild BunchesThe Bridesmaids Fawn over THE Gown

A Stroke (or Swipe) of Luck

Their story began with each of them taking the leap into the internet dating world of Tinder. And, while the app provided no end of date options, each of them only chose one person to establish contact with – each other. They shared a first date to shame most first dates, enjoying conversation and the diversions that Sherlock’s Austin has to offer. For Ashley, most of the boxes required of an ideal mate were getting checked off, and then Zach took her to a dance hall to end the list (and Ashley’s search), once and for all.

To tell the story of Ashley and Zach, designers provided framed chapters of their life, strewn throughout the decor, not only marking the memorable moments of their tale, but inviting guests to a much bigger role than that of simple witnesses. Either the dearly beloved were able to reminisce about those times they shared or they were able to fill in some of the details about the little and big moments that made Ashley and Zach choose one another until death they do part.

A Pivotal Chapter

A pivotal chapter in the Story of Ashley & Zach.

Something Old...

A touching accent, the bride’s “something old” is a deeply meaningful locket to bind the bouquet.

Bridal PartyA Picture Filled with Laughter

Navy Accented CakeInterior - Terrace Club - Navy Accents

Fun Chapter

A more fun Chapter in the Story of Ashley & Zach

Capturing the Point Where Spontaneity and Tradition Meet

Surrounded by the natural majesty of The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, the gathered, who were also united in family by the marriage of Ashley and Zach, were a party to memories made that barely fit in frame. There was a masterpiece sunset to frame the happy couple. There were the accents of the blue and coral theme that caught light and contrast, not only in the decor at each vantage, but even in the choice of bridesmaids’ dresses. There was the “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” moment, choreographed (with full costumes!) by the groomsmen. There was even the presence of the “ultimate ringleader,” who even bore a “Ring Security” badge.

The Ringleader

The Ringleader, decked out in shades and a badge, takes his job seriously.

Interior - Terrace Club - Navy Accents

A Picture Helps

A Picture Communicates Exactly What the Bar is Encouraging – A Great Time.

Bride & Groom Unite AllThe Groom and His GroomsmenA Picturesque MomentDusk at the Terrace Club

Add these personal touches to the traditional moments and scenery that peppers a wedding, like the bouquet toss or the fine floral design of Wild Bunches Floral, the “something old and something new…” features, or the ceremonial send-off, to say nothing of the actual exchange of vows – which was not stopped by the sudden lack of an officiant, since one of Zach’s groomsmen stepped up and performed the wedding.

When you put all of it – the formal and the fun, the classic and the new – through the lens of Mylah Renae of Eureka Photography, these pictures are frozen forever in time, to be cherished for as long as they both shall live. Ashley will always look as stunning, thanks to Salon Hush and her Sottero & Midgley dress from Signature Bridal. Zach will always be romancing her with his refined dance moves and his stylish grey tuxedo (or his flight suit).

The Ideal Silhouette

The Ideal Silhouette Frames Ashley & Zach in Perfect Light.

The Perfect Capture

A Moment, Perfectly Captured in Time, of a Joyous Bride and an Eager Audience.


Groomsmen Serenade Ashley in Full Costume

Ashley & Zach share a moment

Ashley & Zach share a moment, framed by the flowing veil and the Hill Country scenery.

It is in these pictures of two lives who have found one another at last, that their story not only lives on, speaking its thousand words with each frame, but launches still more cherished memories, countless more adventures and a happiness without ending.