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A Family Wedding | Lauren and Aaron's Wedding

Daniel Ramirez
The Entire Family Participates in Lauren & Aaron's Wedding

Theirs was a story that took just long enough, as Aaron asked for Lauren's hand in marriage, to Aria's delight. Finally, Lauren would be a Torres. At Vista West Ranch, just west of Dripping Springs, Mother and Daughter were both important facets of a breathtaking ceremony that united more than a man and a woman or a bride and groom. This wedding brought together a family. Clad in an impossibly detailed gown, and with a beaming mother to oversee her preparations for the big day, Lauren – not unfamiliar to Aaron's eyes – took the groom's breath away in a private first look. With a story as long as theirs, one might think that such surprises would be long passé, the groom's joy was immediately apparent. So, too, was the joy of Aria, who was an active part of the entire wedding, as so much more than a flower girl.

The decor only accented the natural beauty of the setting – a Hill Country Wedding in Autumn – and the members of the wedding party, as succulents, balls of twig wood and white roses with sage dotted nearly every vantage. And, while the groom was cutting up, very little could make the guests smile bigger than the weight of this momentous occasion. With every nuance of meaning and austerity, combined with the inarguable beauty of each moment, each visage, this was a day to be celebrated, remembered and cherished as a signature day in the life of not one or two, but three now-completed members of the Torres Family.

Captured expertly by Lyndsay Lyon Photography, the Torres family will not have to rely on memories to recall the beauty or significance of this special day.

Hanging Decor Highlights Wedding Venue Beauty
Aaron's Blue Tuxedo and Vest On Point
Flower Girls Get Ready
Lauren Reflecting on Past and Future
Black and White Gown
Flower Girls Making Plans
Paper Suite and accessories.
Finally Torres, the couple celebrate down the aisle.