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The Fundamental Things Apply

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Daniel Ramirez
A Kiss is Still a Kiss

"The world will always welcome lovers," the old song reminds us. And as time goes by, we need only consult the beauty of a wedding – of bride and groom proclaiming their love to one another in front of a gathering of their most cherished people – to know that it is true. But another fundamental thing reinforces the beauty and power of love, and it is the simplest and purest expression of love, captured in this week's photos. After all, "a kiss is still a kiss."

To see more, be sure to follow @austinweddingday on Instagram, as well as the talented people, heartwarming couples and florists who helped the images below become a reality. And don't forget to tag your photos with #austinweddingday and we'll be sure to share your eye-catching images, too!

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