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Hats Off to a Classic Love Story: Becky and Nicco’s Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

THE light. Only Central Texas skies let this happen.

Theirs is a shared love story – shared in retellings, in legends both new and old, and in times of celebration and of fun. Becky and Nicco have traveled far, across years, stages of life and miles and miles of I-35 to arrive at this wedding day, and it’s hats off – LITERALLY – to their union. An April day saw the couple and their very-involved loved ones descend on Moon River Ranch, an all-in-one wedding destination that shows off the charm and stunning views of Central Texas. Located just East of Temple, it provided the ultimate wedding-day decor – a magic hour at sunset that is categorically, unapologetically and traditionally, Texas.

It’s a fitting setting for such a traditional meeting. College boy and college girl meet, bond over one another’s tastes in music and become friends. One refines the other and before one knows it, Nicco is listening to Paul Simon all on his own and Becky has a permanent study buddy, library accompaniment and late-night coffee run partner-in-crime. And, as their love bloomed and grew – out of college and into adulthood – Becky added distance to the mix, moving to Dallas to pursue her career in nursing.

With I-35 between them, the miles shrank and the days along with them. With the support of family, friends and one another, their bond grew, despite the distance and the constant drone of I-35′s white noise. Finally, after graduating, they decided to make the distance between them approach zero miles and become man and wife. They invited their beloved guests to bear witness and to celebrate an old-fashioned story in an old-fashioned way, top hat and all.

Won't You Join Us?

Bridal Gown

Beauty on the hanger, made only more beautiful on the bride.

Bride Squad


Best Man GiftsRings and Labels


On the perfect day, you have to make sure you have the perfect footwear.

The ceremony benefitted from the most stirring of lights, as the sun set behind the chapel, which was merely a profound backdrop to the outdoor wedding. Captured brilliantly by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography, the setting sun peeked in and out of the treeline, lending warmth to all of the faces, and a brilliance to everyone’s impeccable dress. From Becky’s runway-ready gown to Nicco’s charcoal grey top hat and tux, the mellow glow showcased each detail of Moon River Ranch’s setting. The first look moment was preserved by some fancy work on the part of the wedding party and the photographer, who positioned the groom’s party (all 18 of them!) on the balcony of the ranch’s cabin, while the bride and her squad looked out from below – though it’s clear that Becky couldn’t help but peek.

The (Very Large) Renna Bunch

18 guys on a balcony. What could go wrong?

A Kiss for LuckA Light All Their OwnA Buffet of Flowers

Reservations for a Few

Communal tables make it cozy for the wedding party and all of the guests.

Light at the Right Moment

Birdsong Photography captures the moment when the sun gives its blessing to the newlywed couple.

Framed in White

Once the ceremony was done – and Nicco’s antics that drew a wagging finger from the officiant – it was truly time to celebrate. The wedding party cheered on a truly magical union, and all eyes, attention and love was focused on the lovely couple. They owned the stage, inspiring laughter at every turn and taking every advantage of their day – cracking wise at the slightest turn, dominating the dance floor and providing the ideal focus for attention, the swell of support and the impossible light that followed them throughout the event.

A Warning to the Groom

“It’s not time to kiss the bride just yet,” the pastor warns.

Celebration Time

Puppies and Pageantry

The fur family members give their blessing.

Magic Hour Lighting

Laughter Among the Sweets

Surrounded by sweets and in the process of cutting the cake, Becky can’t stifle the laugh Nicco coaxed out of her.

Framed by LightFirst DanceA Stolen Moment

Top Hat Off

Nicco doffs his hat in a show of respect to Becky’s beauty.

The Bride and Groom on ApproachFormal Kiss

Hats off

In fine Texas style, the happy couple bids farewell to their gathered guests and it’s hats off at last.

Waving goodbye from the bed of a vintage pickup truck, and surrounded by the warm glow of the family, friends and joy that hung in the Central Texas air – to say nothing of the bubble send-off that made for captivating photo studies of the happy couple – it was a story they’ll tell their children and one that inspires us to search for magic hour venues throughout the area.