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How to Get Married Like a Cheetah

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The majestic mammal would make a surprisingly good wedding planner.
bride and groom in the desert

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The cheetah may be the fastest land mammal, but that alone doesn’t make it the most successful hunter on the African savanna. The lead-up to a wedding is a process, and as the day approaches it may seem like you're speeding around like a cheetah to get everything done. Here are some fun tips from the Cheetah Conservation Fund on approaching and managing your wedding planning like a cheetah:

1. Narrow your sights

FACT: Cheetahs don’t just hunt for the biggest animals on the savanna; they choose the animals most likely to make a great catch. By narrowing their sites on realistic targets they increase their likelihood of long-term success at feeding themselves and their families.

TIP: When planning your wedding be wary of going “all out." Whether your budget is like a wildebeest or a dik dik, keep your expectations realistic to avoid stressing yourself out.

2. Pace yourself

FACT: Cheetahs can run at close to 70 mph, but they can only do this in short bursts. Their powerful respiratory system rapidly charges their leg muscles with oxygenated blood, driving their long legs as they spring forward. Cheetahs can cover a huge distance, up to 22 feet in each stride, but they cannot keep up this pace for long distances. They quickly trip their prey in order to minimize the amount of energy expended on each hunt.

TIP: In the lead up to your big day, try not to exhaust yourself by running at full speed for months on end. Accomplish each task quickly and efficiently and then move on.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize

FACT: The cheetah can keep its eyes focused keenly on a moving object by using a special organ in its ears that stabilizes its head while running at top speeds. Keeping its head level while running allows it to keep its eyes on the prize.

TIP: Focus on what’s most important to you and your spouse.

4. Stay flexible

FACT: The cheetah is the fastest land mammal on Earth and is also incredibly flexible. The cheetah’s spine and tail work together allowing it to turn on a dime.

TIP: Planning and hosting any kind of event is never a straight-forward process. Sticking close to your initial plan is a good idea, but being too rigid can make it impossible to get things done.

5. Take it all in

FACT: Once the cheetah catches its prey it needs to slow down its respiration and bring its heart rate back to normal.

TIP: Pause. Take every opportunity to simply enjoy the people who have come together to witness your commitment.

6. Incorporate a sense of community

FACT: Cheetahs are the most successful hunters on the savanna, but they don’t always finish their meals. Cheetahs inadvertently provide free meals for a wide variety of creatures living within their ecosystem. Without the cheetah the savanna would be greatly diminished.

TIP: Your wedding day is about you and your new spouse. It’s also about connecting your family and friends and the world of communities that surround you.

With your wedding, you can help the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) save the species in the wild. Here's how:

Gift donations

CCF is an Africa-based non-profit with international fundraising affiliates around the world. As an alternative to asking for new toasters and dishes, you can ask your wedding guests to give to the cheetah instead. Get started and register to save the cheetah today:  

Donate on behalf of your guests

Your guests probably like candied almonds, but they may enjoy a contribution to CCF in their honor instead. You could sponsor a CCF resident cheetah for each table or make one flat donation of $5 for each guest. For more info on how to participate contact

Honeymoon at CCF

CCF is one of the only conservation organizations that you can actually visit 364 days per year. You can see our work first-hand: research, education and conservation happens everyday at our Research and Education Centre in Namibia, Africa. The Babson House is a private luxury accommodation with private dining, or if you are into socializing ,we also have the newly constructed Cheetah View Lodge with communal dining options. There are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife (yes, including cheetahs). For more info on CCF’s accommodations visit

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