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It's All About the Bride (and the Dress)

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Daniel Ramirez
It's all about the bride...and the dress...and...

We took a break this weekend, but fear not, we are starting this week off with the most important element of a wedding – namely, the bride, herself. The most beautiful, most radiant, most stunning at any wedding, these photos, these brides represent the culmination of weeks of planning, fitting, arranging, decision-making and anxiety leads to an even greater culmination – of a family, a love, and a bond that will bridge the gap between now and "until death do us part." These brides, adorned in their letter-perfect gowns, with their playful accessories (those boots!) and their moments of whimsy (that car!) remind us how easy it is for the groom to let the rest of the world fall away on that blessed day and only have eyes for the bride.

Find out their stories (and how the stylists, photographers, venues and planners make such magic happen) by following @austinweddingday on Instagram, to check out the talented people who help forge or capture the captivating images below. And tag your images with #austinweddingday to be featured.

Swinging on a star or with one?
Ready to roll.
The Light isn't the only thing that shines.
The boots...we're in love.

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