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Kindred Oaks

2100 CR 176
Georgetown, TX 78628
United States
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Why Kindred Oaks?

Kindred Oaks is a Service company so we thought it would be a good idea to extend to you what that means to us, and ultimately to you.

1.  One Wedding per day:  Why stress out on the one day you have to make a huge difference in your life?  Kindred Oaks opens the gate at noon for you to come out and RELAX, or have someone out to create your make-up and hair, or decorate, or have lunch, or sit out under a tree and contemplate the day, or, well, you get the idea.

2.  Tables, Chairs, Extras:  We include in our prices, 20 dining tables that can seat up to 10 guests each, 10 long buffet-style tables to use at your discretion, 300 white resin chairs with white pads, a myriad of accumulated items such as columns, lanterns, small tables for unity or sand ceremonies, podium,  separate antique tables for the cake or gift tables, and a table and linen for the d.j.  No extra charge, it's included.

3.  Hours:  A whole lot of places give you only 4 hours to complete your ceremony and reception and Kindred Oaks allots 5, PLUS the extra time to decorate or take it easy, PLUS getting to stay in the honeymoon suite.  This is just part of what we do. No extra charge.

4.  Rain Plan:  This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to book at Kindred Oaks.  When asking what the capacity of a location is, ask if that number means that that number of folks will be protected in case of rain, or cold.  Kindred Oaks means what it says.  Our comfortable maximum is 250 because we know that we can take excellent care of each one of your guests should the worst case scenario happen.  It's simply gorgeous.  No blank empty room, no standing room only, no cold stone walls, no decorating is even necessary because we've already done that part for you!  The best part?  It's no charge!  It's included!

5.  Separate Dance Floor:  The dance floor alone, is 1,500 square feet.  Most locations allot only about a 15 x 15 space, if they have one at all.  Ours is lit with twinkle lights, has a built-in d.j. area, surrounded by tiki torches, and can be seen by ALL of your guests regardless of whether they decide to dance or not.  The best part?  It's no charge and it's included!

6.  Bathrooms:  You need at the very least, bare minimum, one bathroom per 50 guests.  Kindred Oaks provides 3 bathrooms inside the house, with another 5 outside.  One is handicapped accessible.  This is more important than you think.  Where do you think all that water, tea, lemonade, beer and wine that has been consumed, is going to go after a few hours? 

7.  Set-up and Clean-up:  This part is HUGE.  Ask around and find out what they charge to set up your tables, your chairs, place the linens on them, take down the tables, put away the chairs, not only take off all the linens, but bag them and have them picked up, take out all the trash, sweep and mop the floors, well, I think you're getting the idea.  We charge nothing.  Nada.  It's included.

8.  Parking:  No guest ever has to walk a long way, or even a short way if they don't want to, from our parking area.  It's never a free-for-all, it's manned, lit and there's plenty for everyone.  We drive your guests to the facility in one of two, six passenger golf carts.  Our shuttle is available anytime, always at the ready.  Ask other facilities if they offer this kind of service.  And no, it's never a charge, always included. Sensing a theme here?

9.  Choices/ NO kickbacks - EVER: You can bring in any baker, d.j, caterer, musician, florist, or other vendor that you desire, provided they are a full service provider.  We charge nothing to allow you to do this.  There is no surcharge on alcohol, or any other vendor, there is no kickback for vendors we recommend so you can feel secure in knowing we are recommending the best, not the best at stuffing our wallet.  Ask around.  See if we're alone in that.

10. No tax, no gratuity:  I love getting to say this because it always brings a smile.

Why?  Because that's what Service means. Because we're there.  For You. Always.  No charge.

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