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An Event That is Timeless: Meredith & Jace's Wedding

Daniel Ramirez

It is as though one could pluck the moment from an aged photo album or from a classic novel. The setting was an old chapel, set against the rolling hills and sunset light that belongs in a frame and is rarest found in reality. Under an enormous sky that only Texas could have provided (and Gruene Estate facilitated and Shy Laurel Photography brilliantly captured), Meredith & Jace finished an incredibly long and convoluted journey to the altar, and said "I do" to one another, and the next chapter of their journey began. The timeless dress as icon and dream inspirer.

A land that time has preserved at a venue that makes the most of every moment.

Adorned by flowers, the rustic setting for the reception could not partner better.

Featuring succulents and other adornments of a time gone by, the table is set.

The seats of honor look out upon the guests.

Their arrival at this union took time. Despite their mutual Texas background, Meredith and Jace moved across the country, away from their story's beginning, though neither knew it or one another at the time. After discovering and rediscovering one another in the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles – Jace almost ruined the saga by forgetting Meredith's name on occasion, thus the rediscoveries – their story finally began in 2006. Well over eight years later, Jace finally did more than remember her name, and the moment all but overwhelmed him. Nervously rehearsing the moment over and again, he presented a disclaimer on that momentous eve, explaining that he had "a very important question to ask" to Meredith, who took the tone far less seriously than intended, expecting "are you hungry?" or "do you want to go swimming?" His actual question – a proposal, no less – set them both on a path to Gruene Estate, to a vintage-inspired gown from FreePeople that stunningly framed her form and complimented her signature accessory – bold-framed glasses that help define her character. To pay homage to the the timeless and the classic, everything in the wedding was given a flourish of charm, sentiment, quirk or profound tradition. The details of this timeless event were overseen by Clearly Classy Events, who lived up to their name in every nuance and every execution of careful planning. Infinite attention was paid to table settings and decor, along with the necessary beats of a wedding ceremony and reception; and it shows in the authentic centerpieces, decorated signage and curated spaces that all made room for those moments that will echo in the memories of attendants, as well as those of the bride and groom, forever.

A stolen glance out the window by the bride, in black and white, is a memory that will be preserved in time forever.

In the foreground, the memory of this time may become fuzzy, but the mirror tells of a moment that will last forever.

Sporting signature glasses, the bride accentuates the timeless look of the vintage elegance her dress suggests.

Succulent boutonniere.

The groom's party assembles to support their friend.

Who Gives This Woman Away.

Thanks to all the planning, as well as the patient journey of the bride and groom to arrive at this moment, the inherent beauty of every facet was revealed. The giving away of the bride and the natural humor that winds its way into the ceremony were enhanced and amplified by their unspoiled settings. Thanks to Kala Beesley of Jackson-Durham Events, each floral accent, whether table setting or bridal bouquet, served as poignant color compliment to the allure of the bride, herself, or of the subtle stature of the groom and his party, or even of the awe-inspiring vantages that the venue made possible.

Tucked away in the hill country, Gruene Estate offers an idyllic setting for any wedding.

Southwest stunning and never overstated, the flowers at this wedding are nothing less than breathtaking.

A wedding isn't all formality and pageantry.

Looking toward a happy future, the newlyweds take a moment of time to consider the road ahead.

An overlarge Texas sky provides the best backdrop.

Magic hour is the best time to capture the dramatic and warm light, as well as the classic pose of man and wife.

Going to the Chapel

All such plans made room for the less reverent moments, too. For, what is a formal occasion without a little revelry, or a little overwhelming sentiment. The cakes, from 2Tarts Bakery, added a happy variety and whimsy, and the dance floor encouraged every to cut loose either their feet or their overwhelming emotion. When a journey is so patient, so blessedly sweet and so very deliberate, it is a shame to not savor every second. So, it is thanks to Meredith, Jace and all the dearly beloved who gathered to witness and celebrate, this wedding will undoubtedly be an occasion that is held most dear for all time.

Captured forever.

Captured forever, this is the moment in the dance where it all becomes too amazing to ignore and joy overwhelms.We're just here for the cakes.

Table setting.

The atypical ring shines, surrounded by a showcase of succulents. Time to dance!

After all the ceremonies are done, it's time to cut loose!Greens, blues, whites and grays, surrounded by red tones and yellow fire, this is how you leave your wedding.   Photography: Shy Laurel Photography • Venue: Gruene Estate • Planning: Clearly Classy Events • Flowers: Jackson Durham Events • Cake: 2 Tarts Bakery • Dress: FreePeople