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Austin Marriage Licenses


Since a Texas marriage license is valid for only thirty days from its purchase date, applicants should apply one to two weeks before the scheduled date of their marriage. Your marriage license can be obtained from any county courthouse throughout the state. The following are specific requirements to obtain your marriage license.

• Both applicants must appear in person before the County Clerk except in certain circumstances. For exceptions go to: 12211.10552

• Both applicants must bring identification. Accepted forms of identification include

1. Certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate; or

2. Certificate, license, or document issued by this state, another state, the United States, or a foreign government.

• You need not bring your social security card, but you must know the number.

• The cost is $71.00 in cash (no checks) in Travis County. This license fee will be waived if a couple takes an 8-hour premarital preparation course that covers important marital skills and issues such as conflict management and communication. These fees and waivers vary from county to county within the state of Texas.

• The legal age to obtain a marriage license without parental consent in Texas is 18 years of age.

• No blood test is required.

• If either applicant has been recently divorced and divorce was final within the last 30 days, you must bring a certified copy of your divorce decree which states the thirty day waiting period has been waived. If you, the soon to be bride, wish to use your maiden name on the license, you will need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate or a certified copy of your divorce decree that states your name is to be changed to your maiden name.

• The license is good for thirty days from the date of purchase.  However, there is a 72-hour waiting period from the time the license is purchased until the time the ceremony can be performed. Active duty military personnel are exempt.

• Applicants between the ages of 14 to 18 must be accompanied by one parent to sign legal consent. A minor must have a certified copy of birth certificate, photo I.D. and proof of social security number. If parents are divorced, the parent granted custody must submit a certified copy of their divorce decree in order to sign consent.

Marriage license requirements are always subject to change so it’s best to check with your county clerk’s office to verify information and documents needed to obtain your license.  

Travis County Clerk

5501 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751 512-854-9188  

Bastrop County County Recorders Office

803 Pine St 1st Floor Bastrop, TX 78602 512-321-4444  

Hays County Clerk

137 N Guadalupe St San Marcos, TX 78666 512-393-7330  

Williamson County Clerk

405 Martin Luther King Georgetown, TX 78626 512-943-1527  

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