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PINspiration - Using Blogs & Pinterest to Help Plan your Wedding

Leila Kalmbach

PINspiration-1These days, it seems like most of our lives take place online, and this is becoming increasingly true for wedding planning as well. While wedding vendors have long maintained websites for engaged couples to scrutinize, these days brides are turning more and more to blogs and websites like to get ideas for their big day. If you’ve never considered using blogs or Pinterest for wedding planning, you may be surprised how much information is out there. Even if you have, you may find some ideas here that you hadn’t considered. Here are just a few of the many ways that brides can use blogs and Pinterest to help plan their weddings.

Using wedding blogs

There’s a huge variety of wedding blogs out there, and reading them can help you with anything from getting ideas for decorating your venue, to choosing your dress, to knowing what to ask a potential caterer, to just plain feeling supported in the wedding planning process.

• Local blogs can help you choose vendors. One benefit of turning to blogs is that you’re likely to get a more representative view of what it’s like to work with a particular vendor than you would simply by visiting that vendor’s website. People who blog about their wedding experiences tend to be very honest, so reading about what others went through can be a great way to discover that a particular vendor will be a great fit for you – or that they’d be a disaster waiting to happen. The new Austin WeddingDay blog gives information on local vendors you might want to work with, as do a variety of other local blogs.

• Choose a dress by looking through blogs. Blogs can also give brides great ideas for their wedding dress. Many blogs ask readers to submit photos of their dresses along with the price and designer, and looking through these photos can be a great way to see what’s out there and what those dresses look like on real people, not just on models. Many bridal gown blogs divide entries into types of wedding dress. If you’re interested in a ballgown-style dress, for instance, you can find pages and pages of ballgown dresses on wedding blogs to help you narrow down what you want before you ever hit the dress shops.

• Get ideas for decorations or themes that you might never have considered. The ideas are endless on the Internet, and if you think no one else has ever considered the wedding theme you’re going for, you’re probably wrong. Reading through blogs to learn how others have handled carrying out a theme or choosing decorations can be a huge help in deciding what you want in your own wedding – and what you want to avoid.

• Learn about wedding events in your area. The Austin WeddingDay blog lists upcoming local events taking place in and near Austin that you might not hear about otherwise. Many of these events include giveaways you won’t want to miss.

• Discover what other brides are going through. Some blogs do not focus on wedding ideas so much as the emotional aspects of planning a wedding. It can be very reassuring to a bride who feels like she can’t keep up with wedding planning, maintaining a strong relationship with her partner, and a full-time job all at the same time to read about others’ experiences and struggles in these areas, and how they were resolved.

• Start your own blog! By blogging about your own wedding ideas, you may be able to get feedback from a wider audience than you would if talking only to your family and friends. You may hear from past brides who have done similar things and who have valuable feedback for you. Blogging can also be a great way to record the experience for posterity, and many years in the future, your wedding blog may turn out to be as valuable a memory to you as looking at your wedding photos or your dress.

Using Pinterest

Increasingly, brides are turning to Pinterest to get ideas for their wedding. This content-sharing service can link you to other great sites that may be of use, or can give you ideas all by itself for just about anything you’re interested in.

• Create a wedding registry by pinning to a secret board. Pinterest recently launched a new feature called “secret boards.” These are boards that aren’t public, but that you can share with a select group of people – say, your wedding guests. You choose who to invite to your board and who can pin to it. Can’t narrow down your registry to just a few stores? Create a secret board to share with your wedding guests on which you pin all the items you’d like to include in a wedding registry, then ask guests to like or comment on the item if they purchase it so that others will know it’s taken.

• Get input from your bridesmaids. Again, by creating a secret board that only certain people can see, you can get input on your wedding ideas from your bridesmaids or other friends. You might pin photos of potential wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses you’re choosing from, ideas for decorations, themes, wedding meals, or any other aspect of the wedding you’re having a hard time deciding about. Have these select few friends comment on or like their favorites of your options, and their input may help you make some tough decisions.

• See what other brides are doing. Check out the Austin Wedding Day Style board on Pinterest to see photos of real weddings; get ideas for wedding colors; look at bouquets, cakes and centerpieces; check out local photographers’ styles; think about wedding favors; and so much more. Humans are visual creatures, and weddings are all about the beautiful visuals, so it just makes sense to get ideas by looking at photos, not just reading about weddings.

• Take the photos you like to your vendors. Another benefit of photos is that they sum up what you may not be able to express in words. Have an image in your mind of a particular style of wedding cake, but can’t quite describe what you’re picturing? Print out a photo from Pinterest of a cake that catches your eye, and bring it to your baker so that he or she knows exactly what you want. This is also a great idea for photography, as describing particular photos you want to your photographer can be tricky.

Planning a wedding is never easy, but with new online resources like blogs and Pinterest, brides will never be at a loss for ideas. Search around, and you’re bound to find that someone else has a great idea that perfectly fits your vision or solves a problem you haven’t been able to get past.

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