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Bachelorette Party Planning

Casey Newman


She is on her way to becoming a married woman! You’re losing one of the girls to married life and as her maid-of-honor, it’s up to you to make sure that she has one last great night of being single before slipping on that wedding band. Planning a bachelorette party is not a simple task, so make sure it’s a night that she will think fondly of for years to come. When putting the event together, keep that special girl in mind. What kind of personality does she have? Does she have a wild side or is she a mild-mannered lady? It is supposed to be a night designed just for her so keep her personality in mind or it could end up being a night she is eager to forget. Do not add stress to an already stressful time in her life.

Bachelorette parties are notorious for inspiring women to let their “hair down.” The party is an opportunity for friends of the bride, and the women in the bridal party to act as silly and goofy as they choose. Women are seldom given time to act wild and crazy. Whether they are giggling hysterically over a ridiculous joke, or gales of gleeful laughter over some gag gift, or risqué party game, this will be their chance to let it all hang out! It is a time to remind the bride-to-be of the things she will miss about being single and to joke about her “bridezilla” moments. It’s all in fun and brings about closeness and bonding among the girls.

There are many ways to have a memorable time with the bachelorette party. It is the last night to get crazy, so get the girls some props and some games and have some fun! Bachelorette parties usually take place about a month before the wedding and should be at least two weeks before her special day! This is to make sure there are no accidents that get in the way of her wedding day, like falling and spraining an ankle It is a good idea to have it about a month before the wedding day so the girls can share a closeness and remember all the inside jokes that come from partying together, and build excitement about the big wedding day as well, since that is the reason for the party to begin with.

Planning a bachelorette party is not an easy task, but with the following tips, maybe you will not find it quite so hard.

Planning the Party

There are so many ways to dress up your bachelorette party with party favors and decorations. You can either go to a store and get art supplies and make your own or use a reputable bachelorette party store. The internet is an excellent resource for decorations, gags, games, and ideas. Remember to ask the bride if she wants a conservative or wilder party before you decide how to decorate the place for the party. Do not embarrass the bride if she is not one that takes jokes in stride. If she chooses a conservative party, dress the house up with pictures of the bride-to-be from before she met her man as well as engagement or dating pictures when she was with her man-to-be. It is also fun to decorate it with cute and frilly decorations including streamers, plates, cups, napkins that say “girls’ night out,” “last night out” and other bachelorette party sayings.

You can also play cool games like The Bride and Groom to be Trivia Game. See who knows the most about the bride and groom by finding out about the bride and groom prior to the party. Questions like “What is the grooms’ favorite movie?” “What is the brides’ favorite color?” “Where did the bride and groom meet?” “How long did the bride and groom date?” This game is really fun for the whole group and gives more information to everyone who does not know the bride and groom as well as some of the other guests. If she chooses wild, you can dress the house up with pictures of hunks and other fun novelty items that are cute and show that the divas are ready to party. There are all types of hunk plates, cups, napkins you can find at a party store. A favorite game is “Pin the Man on the Macho.” It’s sure to cause a blush or two and lots of laughs! If you have an out of town party, purchase some confetti, balloons and other items that say “Girls Night Out” or cute sayings which you can find at any party specialty store. A great game to play is the scavenger hunt game where you can have the bride-to-be find certain items in the bar or restaurant you are in. Such as; “Find a guy with the same name as the groom,” “Dance with a guy that is bald,” “Serenade one of you best friends at the table or a guy with blue eyes,” or any other cool idea you and your friends come up with.

If you want to get a little wild out of town, dress up the bachelorette in flashing items such as a glowing ring, blinking tiara, blinking wand and candy pink boa. You are sure to have a great time as well as an easy time finding the bachelorette as she attracts a lot of attention! It is also fun for all the girls to dress up in hats, boas, or the same type of outfits in a color other than that of the bachelorette. As for decorations, choose from novelty confetti, balloons, placemats, cups and other items to hang.

There are so many options to consider, and many games to play. Visit bachelorette sites such as for ideas. The most important thing is to have FUN! Be sure to follow the bride-to-be’s wishes and have a party for her and not for what the other girls want since it IS all about your friend who is getting married.

Things To Do To Prepare for the Party:

  • Have the bachelorette give you a list of all the girls she wants to have at her party.
  • Be sure to get emails, phone numbers, and addresses of the girls.
  • Work out a time and place with the bride-to-be.
  • Let the bride-to-be decide whether she wants a conservative party or one that is wild.
  • Consider how the girls are going to pay… are you going to have the girls pay for themselves? Will you have the girls pay you the money up-front, or have the girls pay for themselves?
  • If you are traveling for the party, it is a good idea to call a hotel of choice as early as possible and get a group rate.
  • Delegate some of the planning to the girls that want to help. Choose one for the games, or gags, one for the transportation if needed

Planning Timeline: About three or four months before the party, send out an initial email and let the girls know the details. Include where the party will be, how much the cost will be, and what the girls will need to bring. Let them know about travel arrangements and any other important information. Make sure the girls RSVP to you or the person you appoint and stay on top of this since there are always those who don’t respond until you send them a few emails or calls. One month before the party, check with the girls that are coming to the party. See if anyone needs help planning travel arrangements. Three weeks before the party is the time to send out the email with the final plans. The time is near and the enthusiasm is growing. Everyone who is going should know all the information. Be sure and confirm the information for the party:

  •  Hotel and travel
  •  Transportation
  •  Food/drink
  •  Entertainment
  •  Who is responsible for bringing what
  •  Gifts/games

Remember to delegate some of the responsibility to the other girls who want to help and to those who you know are more responsible, so you don’t have to take all the stress of planning on yourself. One week before the party, send an email out to all the girls to “pump up the enthusiasm.” Just remember that planning a bachelorette party is a “fun” experience even though many get stressed out in making sure the night goes well. Whether you are at someone’s house, at a bar, or a resort for the weekend, just remember, what happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party!

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