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The Countdown to Your Wedding-Timeline to Keep you Organized

The Countdown-1

First Things First ... Before announcing your engagement, inform your families. Traditionally, the Bride’s parents are told first, then the Groom’s parents. If they have not yet met, a get-together should be arranged by the Groom’s family. Nine to Twelve Months Prior:

  • Establish your budget early, with maximum amounts for each event/activity. Consider hiring a wedding consultant to help with your plans. Determine expense responsibilities for specific events.
  • Shop for your wedding rings. If you want custom-made rings, plan this early in your schedule.
  • Decide on the style, formality and size of your wedding, then set your tentative wedding date.
  • Choose your wedding consultant.
  • Prepare your tentative guest list and determine the size of your wedding events.
  • Choose your attendants; get a firm commitment to each event. Determine all pertinent sizes for each.
  • Select your ceremony location and consult with the officiant who will perform the ceremony, then choose a firm wedding date. Begin planning your ceremony, and determine any pre-marital requirements.
  • Choose a reception location.
  • Plan rehearsal dates and times with your officiant and location choices.
  • Choose and reserve the location for your rehearsal dinner.
  • Choose the color scheme and any appropriate style for your ceremony and wedding attire.
  • Begin shopping for the bridal gown, headpiece, and attendants’ attire.
  • Schedule fittings, alteration fittings and delivery dates.
  • Choose your attendant’s dresses and accessories. Schedule fittings and delivery dates, and notify your attendants.
  • Start the selection process for your wedding professionals: Contact a photographer/videographer early; some are booked as much as a year in advance. Decide your type of entertainment and choose the right professional. Choose your caterer if not included with your reception site. Select your mode of transportation.
  • Begin the selection of your florist, balloonist and/or ice sculptor. Determine any party rental needs and select an appropriate professional.
  • Select your stationer, style of invitations, thank you notes and any other stationery.
  • Consult a travel agent or visit web-sites for honeymoon plans.

Six to Nine Months Prior

  • Begin compiling guest list names and addresses.
  • Locate and choose your gift registry and begin recording your selections.
  • Get engagement photographs taken by your photographer and set-up your engagement announcement with your local newspaper.
  • Finalize your wedding professional choices and secure with a deposit:
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Caterer
    • Florist
    • Ceremony Music
    • Reception Entertainment
    • Party Rentals
    • Stationer
    • Other
  • Select Groom’s attire. Set up fittings, alterations and delivery or pick up dates.
  • Select and order the Groom’s attendants attire. Schedule fittings and delivery or pick up dates, and notify the attendants.

Four to Six Months Prior

  • Meet with each of your Austin wedding professionals and continue to plan each event. Finalize ordering and reservations for all your event needs.
  • Meet with your florist and complete your selections for bouquets, boutonnieres, table arrangements and confirm delivery times.
  • Finalize guest list.
  • Choose and reserve accommodations for all of your out-of-town guests. Compile a list of local activities during their stay in Austin.
  • Finalize selection and order your invitations and all related stationery.
  • Set-up and maintain records of gifts and begin sending thank you notes.
  • Select a baker, order wedding cake, groom’s cake and any other confectionery needs.
  • Shop for and purchase trousseau.
  • Help parents select and coordinate their formal attire.
  • Research all legal requirements – blood tests and marriage license.
  • Don’t forget ... begin your beauty regimen early.

Two to Three Months Prior

  • Make a list of who you want to speak at each event and in what order, and contact each person.
  • Order favors and gifts. Purchase cake knives, ring pillow, toasting goblets, and other accessories.
  • Address invitations and announcements and mail out-of-town invitations. Continue writing thank you notes.
  • Finalize honeymoon and travel plans.

Four to Six Weeks Prior

  • Reserve wedding day appointments with your hair stylist for you and your attendants. Get any perms, color, cut or new style done early.
  • Make pre-wedding beauty appointments for you and your attendants for manicure, massage, spa
  • Select a make up artist for your wedding day and your bridal portrait session.
  • Get bridal portrait taken and framed for reception.
  • Make plans and reservations for an attendants’ party.
  • Address and mail all local invitations. Begin RSVP counts. Include maps to all event sites with invitations.
  • Begin addressing wedding announcements.
  • Finalize all attire fittings. Pick up wedding rings.
  • Select and purchase attendants’ gifts and a wedding gift for your new spouse.
  • Obtain your marriage license.
  • If you are moving finalize all moving details.

One to Two Weeks Prior

  • Confirm all appointments.
  • Confirm all ceremony and rehearsal details.
  • Confirm all counts with food and beverage caterers.
  • Plan seating arrangements.
  • Finalize all rehearsal dinner details.
  • Finalize all song lists and entertainment details.
  • Finalize photographer and videographer details.
  • Finalize arrangements for all professional services and transportation needs. Confirm guest accommodations.
  • Plan honeymoon wardrobes and luggage needs. Obtain all travel tickets and confirm reservations.
  • Arrange for gowns, bouquet and/or cake preservation.

The Last Week

  • Arrange for pickup of bridal ensemble. Best Man should confirm final fittings for the Groom and Ushers; and schedule return of Groom’s tuxedo and rental equipment.
  • Assign post-wedding tasks to wedding party.
  • Prepare envelopes for payments or donations to ceremony officials and musicians.
  • Give gifts to wedding party, family and fiancé.
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner and attendants’ party.

The Day Before

  • Finish packing for the wedding night and honeymoon.
  • Gather all wedding day items. Entrust payment envelopes to the Best Man for tomorrow.
  • Assure that “getaway” car will be at reception site – packed and ready to go.

Your Wedding Day (This Is It!)

  • See hairdresser and make-up artist early.
  • The Bride should transfer engagement ring to the right hand. Be dressed and ready about two hours before ceremony for picture-taking.
  • Relax ... if you followed your planned schedule, the rest of the day should be easy.

After The Wedding

  • Write & mail thank you notes.
  • Take care of business, banking, change of address


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