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Worth Every Penny

Darlene Wilkens


Even if you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a small girl, chances are you’re overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. From choosing a rehearsal dinner location to making your invite list to finding vendors, there’s a ton on your to-do list. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could do all this for you? This is exactly why you should consider hiring a consultant to manage all the details of your big day. Wedding coordinators are the perfect solution to the problem of having too much to do in too little time. You can bet that these wedding professionals know a thing or two about organizing amazing weddings and events.

If you think you can’t afford a consultant’s help, then think again. Consultants are not just for the rich and famous. Wedding consultants have a plan of action for every bride and every budget. Working with a consultant means you get introduced to the best people and the best plans. Face it: Consultants are connected. They know what to do and who to call. They can negotiate great deals because the vendors want to work with them again and again on other weddings. They’ll be sure to find vendors who match your style, your personality and your budget. You have probably never planned a wedding before.

Maybe you’ve organized a party or two, but are you really ready to plan a full-scale wedding on your own? Be smart: Enlist the help of a professional who plans weddings and other large events all the time. This will help you in a big way. You will get great advice and you’ll work with the best vendors, ensuring that everything will go as planned. Most weddings take at least 200 hours to plan. Why waste time trying to figure out what to do when a coordinator can help you plan your wedding with ease and keep everything going smoothly? Your planner will review your contracts, calm your nerves, and help you make decisions about food, flowers and more.

Another bonus? You won’t be as stressed out if you’re not planning the event on your own. Your coordinator will think of everything that needs to be done, and that’s a major plus when you’re stressed out, confused or just plain scared by the planning process. Rely on a professional who has the patience and the experience to guide you thorough your wedding journey. Whether you’re spending $20,000 or $100,000-plus on your wedding, you don’t want to waste money. A seasoned planner will connect you with vendor discounts and tell you which items are a waste of money and which ones are solid investments. Work with a consultant and you’ll be sure to spend your cash in the best ways. Your consultant will ask you to prioritize your wedding day wish list to maximize your money in all the ways that matter to you. If flowers are your focus, your wedding blooms will be the best your budget can buy. If your guy has a sweet tooth, she will plan a dessert station for him to savor.

Planning a wedding is an emotional undertaking. You’re going to feel the pressure from your mom, be unsure about your color scheme and worry about which cake your groom really wants. But when you work with a planner, you get objective opinions. Consultants are not clouded by preconceived notions like your family and friends are. They cut through the tension and help you figure out what needs to be done. They can also help smooth the path with your family and friends. Don’t worry about your consultant stealing your glory, either. Consultants have done this many times, and they know this is your day, not theirs, so they’re conscious of this as they work with you to plan the wedding. WorthEveryPenny2

Your wedding planning requires you to be organized and focused. A consultant can help you pay attention to all the details, big and small. They know your budget, your tastes and they know what it takes to pull off the event of your life. They will help you meet vendors, develop a wedding itinerary and make sure you’re making the most of your busy wedding planning schedule. You may have a color, a theme or a place in mind for your wedding, but you also may be struggling to pull these elements together. That’s where a consultant comes in. They’re creative people who can transform your ideas into a beautiful reality. Consultants are on the cutting edge of wedding trends and they can steer you in the right direction to make your day magical.

You may be focused on your menu while your groom is thinking about the honeymoon. With so many aspects to plan, it’s not always easy to stay on track. A consultant can help you prioritize what matters most to you and your guy on your special day. Wedding stress is pretty much inevitable. When you care so much about making your event a success, you’re bound to get caught up in the action. A surefire way to reduce stress is to work with a consultant, even if it’s just for a month-of-the-wedding package. You need to minimize your stress so you can be fresh and focused for your wedding. You may think you can’t afford to hire a coordinator, but in many cases you can’t afford not to hire one. Planning packages range from the small and simple day-of package, to the moderate month-of package, to the all-inclusive package. Whether you spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, coordinator’s services and experiences are so valuable. Call one today – it’s going to be worth every penny you spend.

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