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Daniel Ramirez
A Capital Wedding

Austin is a special place, for more than a few reasons. The climate, attitude, and melange of cultures all help to make it a vibrant and wonderful place for people to work, play or start a life together. That is why, when choosing a center for a newly born republic, full of independent spirit, can-do attitude and more than a hint of mischief, Austin was too alluring to pass up. So, too, was Austin too attractive to Lora and Zach, who fell in love almost as soon as they met, but took a four-year journey that took them to the other side of the world, exploring a river in Great Britain...when Zach asked for Lora's hand in marriage.

And their plan for the wedding led right back to Austin, to the very heart of the city, including Central Christian Church, the Stephen F. Austin patio and bar at Hotel Intercontinental, and all of the landmarks and cityscapes in between, including the picturesque Capital, itself.  From the beginning, the couple showed flashes of the same spirit as the Lone Star State; and beneath the formal moments and memories, one can see a fun-loving spirit, waiting for a chance to cut loose. From the bride leading a ready-room dance rehearsal to the groom and his crew exercising their right to the perfect wedding day selfies, there were early signs of the evening to come.

Surrounded by the subtle beauty of downtown, every moment was a perfect scene, all captured by April Mae Creative. As the wedding transitioned from the church to the reception, the walk through Austin's very core accentuated all of the emotions, amplifying all of the feelings that swarm around a wedding day. To start a life together, there is perhaps no better parallel apparent than these two, surrounded by their family and loved ones, celebrating the dawn of a new chapter, making plans for a bright future, maybe getting a little loud (with an all-dancefloor karaoke number)...and raising a ruckus together in the process.

Sensible Bridal Shoes

Bridal Bouquet

Readiness is More Than Just Clothes...It's Moves

Making Beauty Even More Beautiful

Precious Cargo

A Real First Look

A Welcome Drag on the Train

The Groom's Closest are Ready

Zach is Almost Ready

A Prayer Before the Ceremony

The Incredible Ceremony

A Kiss to Build a Day On

The Groomsmen and Their Queen

Best Selfie

Iconic Austin

At the Party

A Stroll Downtown

Reception Table

Party on the Patio

The Cake in its Rightful Place

Time to Dance!

Ready, Aim...

A Capital End

Dancing the City Night Down
A Reason to Celebrate
The Way to Throw a Bouquet
Precious Cargo
The Bridal Bouquet
A Kiss Between Ceremony & Reception

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