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Daniel Ramirez
A Lyric of Light at the End of Chapter One

What if I told you that "love at second sight" is a thing? What if I told you that it's only a thing if there's a fantastic spark at first sight, and then a movie-plot-level missed opportunity, wherein numbers aren't exchanged? What if I told you that you've also got to rely on the memory of dogs?

Would you believe?

Michelle and Collin would – because they lived it. When the two, both Aggies, graduated and found the freedom that professional life affords, they spent time on their passions – the outdoors, good conversation and their pets. Each had a dog, and fate brough them to the same park at the same time. Unplanned, the two soon found easy conversation and a comfort that included each's four-legged accompaniment. But, although the conversation lasted long enough to lose track of time, they never exchanged information and their destiny was left up to chance.

Or so they thought.

Car, Collin's dog, would go from accompaniment to accomplice when, a year later, he bolted for Michelle immediately as Collin and his trusty companion made it to that same dog park. Fate (and a determined Michelle, who wouldn't let the magic disappear again, so she tarried until Collin asked her out) took over from there. Soon, there were walks in the park intentionally taken together, and the seeds of a life shared together.

Getting Ready with a Laugh

Adding Beauty to Beauty, Michelle Readies

The Setting Itself Steals One's Breath

The Bridal Bouquet

Michelle's Custom Necklaces

So it comes as no surprise, that upon their embarking on Chapter Two of an already incredible story, that Michelle and Collin would make their pups a feature of their wedding ceremony, placing a cake topper that professed their dogs' commitment to this fantastic union. Of course, they already had expressed their wishes, bringing the meant-for-each-other couple together. Family, friends and loved ones gathered at Sacred Oaks on Camp Lucy to witness the happy couple take the next unbelievable steps. Under a giant Texas sky and the watchful gaze of those who had gathered, they treated guests to the kind of warmth they had received in all the steps along the way.

Michelle took care in hosting her bridesmaids, having necklaces custom made for each, and the Hill Country showed its own appreciation, being pleasant for just long enough so that their outdoor ceremony, adorned by brilliant flowers provided by Whim Hospitality – including a ceremonial frame fit for royalty – went off with nary a hitch or delay. And all was captured through the brilliant lens of  Tiffany Hofeldt Photography.

And, just like the story of their union, the entire day was, in a word, idyllic...and a perfect start for all their adventures to come.

The Dress

Bridesmaids Suite Shenanigans

A Brilliant Look at the Aisle

A Fitting Tribute to the Matchmakers

Final Touches

The Delicate Overlay

Ready for a Great Adventure

Groom Squad

A Lasting Memory, A Lifetime of Steps to Get Here

The Light Gives Its Blessing

Under the Biggest Sky

It is Clearly Time to Dance

The Long Comfortable Conversation Never Ends

With This Ring...

Wherever You Lead, I'll Follow

And Chapter Two Begins

A Sweeping Photo, Worthy of Their Sweeping Romance
A Sottero & Midgley Dress, Adorned with a Maggie Sottero Overlay
A Tribute to Two Very Important Family Members
The Breathtaking Ceiling at Sacred Oaks
The Maggie Sottero Overlay Is Put In Place
Who Gives Away This Woman?

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