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Online Exclusive Real Wedding | A Modern Classic

Casey and Alesi's Wedding in Georgetown
Daniel Ramirez
A modern classic

It's hard to know how to execute a wedding in the modern day. What manner of wedding will prove as timeless as the bond that bride and groom forge, together? Certainly, there are any number of fads and trends to incorporate, but when traditions have worked for generations, perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to abandon them in favor of the hottest Pinterest board practices. Certainly, one wants to be of the mode, but isn't there a way to merge the old with the new?

Casey and Alesi set out and found a way to do just that.

The Milestone is set for a milestone

Invitation to an incredible evening

The Watercolor theme was a metaphor for a classic night.

Sepia tone only works when the dress and the bride are this classic.

Reflections of a Beautiful Bride

The Blushing Bride Admiring Her Bouquet

Bridesmaids and Their Bride

A Floral Extravaganza

The Milestone in Georgetown served as the backdrop for this modern-day classic, melding white stone with rich wood, providing a canvas upon which the flowers and bridesmaid dresses and wedding color scheme could paint an incredibly bright masterpiece. The flowers, a vision of decor and bouquets crafted by Dream Weddings & Events, brightened the already brilliant day and venue as the bride and bridesmaids took full advantage of the color and the joy in their countenances.

Alesi in a Classic Cut Tuxedo

The Milestone and a Sweeping Landscape

Here Comes the Bride

Perfectly Framed

A Moment in Time

A Walk to Begin a Journey
A Dip Beneath the Wide Texas Sky

Now the Party Can Really Begin

The ceremony complete and vows exchanged, the celebration began in earnest, complete with dancing, revelry and all the accoutrements that the best of weddings provides to send a couple off into the night and the blissful days to come. But the nods to classic details were not finished, by any means.  Ferried by a truly classic car, with room to stretch out and lounge, the bride and groom saved the most elegant touch for last.

Floating Off Into the Night

Leaving in Style

Classic Celebrity Departure

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