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Online Exclusive Real Wedding | More Magical than Snow in Texas

Daniel Ramirez
Inclement Weather Isn't Always Unwelcome

The one thing that plagues every bride, every parent-of-the-bride, every wedding planner and every person to ever have anything to do with making a wedding day special – the unpredictability of the weather. In Texas, such chaotic climates mean even more. One day in spring, it might be sunny and warm, the next, gloomy and raining. One day might be sweltering and humid, the very next day it might be clear and crisp. It makes planning for all of the contingencies a very anxious and worrisome prospect.  Lauren and Chris had done all of their homework and were ready. They had chosen Villa Antonia, a versatile indoor/outdoor venue. They had landed on the most convenient and exciting date, New Year's Eve. And, in Texas, that rarely means that it'll be too cold and always means the guests can usher in the new year as they welcome the newly wed.

Still, you can pick the perfect date and the ideal venue and Mother Nature might have her own say, and for Lauren and Chris' special day, she worked up a surprise that no one could have expected. And, rather than create a miserable experience, it was a highlight of what was already a magical eve.

With this ring...

Gown Detail

Ring Patrol

Getting (More) Beautiful

The evening was everything a meaningful wedding should be, complete with the most classic appointments and adornments. Memories were shared – in mementos and stories and knowing looks and glances – and memories were made, under floral decor and the big Texas night sky. Lauren's dress stole all the breath in the room, namely from Chris, himself, and the photos by Jingaling Photography tell the story of a man and a woman who have truly found their match, beyond kismet, charm and logic. This was something more.

A Memento of Lasting Love

Overflowing Excitement

An Incredibly Dramatic Picture

To The Happy Couple

Iconic Couple

The Bridal Party is Feeling all the Feels

Generations of Love

Cut the (Cup)Cake

And, somewhere between the vows and the new year, before the clock had yet struck midnight and ushered out the old year along with Lauren and Chris' old lives, true magic – unplanned, unexpected and glorious, descended on the bride, the groom, and all the gathered beloved. Mother Nature sent snow to this Hill Country wedding, allowing still more incredible memories to be forged, never to be forgotten. How could anyone forget the fairy-tale ending to 2017, as Lauren and Chris said "I do" and it began to snow? It sounds like a tale someone made up, like a tall tale from Texas; but it's all true. And that's the best kind of story.

The Magic Arrives

This. This is the Shot. The Magic.

Writing Their Love in the Snow

One Last Magical Moment

...And Now, It's Time to Cut Loose

A Final Flourish

The Happiest Bride
An Iconic Photo
Generations of Love
A Snowy Miracle
A Dramatic Kiss