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Online Exclusive Real Wedding | A Study in Texas Bliss

Daniel Ramirez
Moving Toward a Bright Future

Some fables are as true today as ever they were. Take, for example, the magic of Aggieland – an indescribable element of family and union that is known well to those who don the maroon and white. It's something you can set a clock to. But, sometimes, the true magic is how unexpected some miracles are, even in this fabled land.  Shannon and Nick, who had been made aware of one another through a few passing acquaintances – but enough for Nick to recognize Shannon's striking beauty.

And that would have been the end of the story. Except there was that magic to consider, and no amount of time – even six years – can interfere with that kind of magic. They reconnected at a pub crawl in Houston, where the mark Shannon's beauty had left on his heart was not overlooked or forgotten. Shannon's interest grew and drinks and conversation flowed until the hours melted away, and the two who had been separated by distance and years and anxiousness and fears, were suddenly separated by far, far less. They discovered a shared faith, as well as a shared regard for one another that was growing beyond control and beyond any denial. 

While celebrating the longevity of another union, that of Shannon's parents, Nick proposed in a clever way that was both unsuspected and well-attended, as Shannon's family had moved to observe without Shannon knowing.

And, on a fantastic day in February, they began their own story, surrounded by the family and friends who had all witnessed the incredible magic that brought this couple together. Their joy, their smiles, as well as Shannon's beauty and Nick's thankfulness for the blessing of their relationship, were undeniable, and indelible to all who bore witness. This is a Texas fable that lives up to the legends and will do so "for as long as they both shall live."

Met as Aggies, United as Aggies

Reading Wedding Day Notes

Making Everything Bright

Paper Suite

Peak Texas

Vintage Villas hosted the extravagant affair, with the rustic backdrops and elegant appointments that they are known for. Meanwhile, Shannon's dress, a magical tale all to itself, with all of its intricate detail and incredible spread. The product of Morilee, it caught all of the light and turned all of the attention to Shannon, as any bridal dress should. Blue Moon Events pulled off the ultimate party, from elegant start to raucous finish, and the entire space was adorned by the flowers from Exquisite Petals.

But, ultimately, the bride and groom stole the show, their happiness pouring out of every image and into every memory captured by April Mae Creative. And, though the details are important, the sum of what these individual elements produced is much greater, and will be held in high regard forever.

Dress Detail

The Big Reveal

Full Regalia

First Look is the Best Look

Groom Stroll

A Prayer Before the Big Event

The Dramatic Dress and Ceremony

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Let the Party Begin

A Dancefloor Serenade

A Dip Before They Go

Unbound Joy
The Serenade Begins
Let the Dancefloor Commence
Getting Ready
A Moment to Reflect