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Online Exclusive Real Wedding | A Sunday Kind of Love

Holly and Josh Tie the Knot
Daniel Ramirez
A Picture of Elegance, Holly Reclines Before the Day

When one considers the details of a wedding, there is a lot to keep in mind. What day of the week works best? Where will the ceremony and celebration be? What is on the menu? Live music or DJ? But, the decision ultimately comes down to two critical elements: how to celebrate the love shared between two people...

...and what will the bride wear?

They're all valid questions and when Holly and Josh gathered with their friends, loved ones and family to say their vows, all such questions were answered. On a beautiful winter night, they gathered at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, where the ceremony could be held outdoors and the celebration indoors, the guests and the wedding party was surrounded by the appointments of an elegant Southern home. Rich furniture, colorful walls and staircases, balconies and columns lent their decorative notes to every vantage and photo.

The guests were never relegated to formalities, as the rooms of the Federation mansion and the playful menu from Chilantro made this building so much more than a venue, transforming it into a home – a perfect metaphor for the journey Holly and Josh have endeavored upon, as their lives are sure to be full of elegant moments and languid joy, just like the best Sundays are spent.

At once, both relaxed and profoundly graceful, the most striking element of the day was the bride's wardrobe – all three signature looks. From the incredible train of her formal gown to her show-stopping dance floor dress to a stunning departure gown, Holly clearly shined brighter than the Texas sun and brighter than the lights at night that accompanied the celebration.

Captured on film by Tiffany Hofeldt Photography, the evening culminated in a bubble-send-off and with an assurance that the most brilliant Monday ever was to follow. After all, it was the first day of the first week of a new world for both Holly and Josh.

Ringing Out the Old Year

Stepping Out in Style

The Venue is Ready

The Boys Get Ready Differently

Just. Wow.

The Most Stunning Bride in a Most Stunning Setting

A Gal Needs Her Friends on This Day

An Honest First Look

Getting Ready (a Little Leisurely)

Flowers are Essential

I Now Present...

A Happy Wedding Party

Almost Time to Dance

Just a Kiss

A Welcoming Audience

First Dance

A Special Dance Partner

Quick Wardrobe Change & Holly is Ready

It's Time to Dance

All the Single Ladies

Everybody on the Dance Floor

Ring Power

A Final Flair & Another Stunning Look

A Bubbly Send Off

A Dance With the Bride
Strutting Out in Style
A First Dance
A Bubble Exit
Down the Aisle

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