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Online Exclusive Real Wedding | A Well-Deserved Fairy Tale Ending

Natalie and Josh's Wedding
Daniel Ramirez
After dancing in one another's orbits for years, they finally dance together.

Natalie and Josh had circled one another's orbit for years. Crossing paths when they were too young to know, their lives ebbed and flowed in and out of contact, taking all of the turns that life is occasionally prone to do. After living lives apart that had tales and stories all their own, they finally found one another, precisely when they should have. Surrounded by friends, family and loved ones at Villa del Lago, Natalie and Josh sealed their fairy tale ending by tying their lives, adventures, families and futures together.

The bride, whose smile infected her bridesmaids with the brightest kind of joy, had arranged the pinnacle of elegance for herself, in Christian Louboutin shoes and a gown from Berta that perfectly accentuated her frame. Breathtaking in every way, she captured much more from Josh himself, as his heart was freely given at their dramatic 'first look' near a cascading waterfall. Adorned by flowers at every turn, from the expected bouquet to the incredible aisle decor to the stunning mantlepiece arrangements, courtesy of Southlake Florist, the wedding was annointed in petals.

It all served as preamble to the biggest party Villa del Lago had seen in some time, as the night sky blessed the happy couple and their storybook ending to a story that, though a while in the making, happened at the perfect time.

The Red Soles Tell All

Florals Accentuate an Incredible Mantle

Bridesmaids Surround Natalie in Encouragement

Stone Cold Stunning Ice

The Breathtaking Bride

A Setting Fit for a Fairy Tale

The Light Shining on a Perfect Couple

Cake Goals

Support Always There from the Girls

Everyone Needs a Little Help Getting Ready

The Handsome Groom

The Ceremony

A Stolen Laugh

I Feel Pretty

Makes It All Worth It

First Dances

To The Loved Ones

A Quiet Moment

Everyone On The Dance Floor

The Light Almost Steals The Show From The Bride And Groom
Everyone Needs A Little Hair And Makeup
Anticipating A Breathtaking First Look
Wedding Kicks
With This Ring...