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So Classic

Instagram Inspirations
Daniel Ramirez
Some moments are timeless

This week, our "Real Wedding" focused on a traditional wedding, meticulously executed; and, if you'll forgive us, the thought of a "Classic" wedding put a song in our heads that's perfect for Fridays. The song, by The Knocks and Featuring Powers, kept the notion in our head as we explored the myriad options on Instagram for our weekly inspirations. So, this week, we bring you the truly classic moments that never get old, no matter how many weddings employ them.

The kiss. The first look. Leaving the chapel. Entering the reception hall. All of these instances could easily be considered rote or trite, unless one sees with one's emotions (and through the lenses of some of the area's best photographers). Here, then, are the classic moments from some of the most stunning weddings we've witnessed.

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