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The Spectrum of Emotion

Instagram Inspirations
Daniel Ramirez
Rays of light (and more)

Holidays and weekends. Nothing gets the energy going like the bright lights of fireworks – whether in celebration or provided by the brilliant Texas sunset. Naturally, that light and that energy are perfect compliments to the sheer electricity and luminance of a wedding day in Central Texas. Looking around at Austin's best wedding photographers, venues and coordinators, it's easy to see exactly how that power is harnessed and unleashed on a wedding day. Whether it's the unbelievable leap on a dance floor (seriously, how did he do that?) or the perfect sunlight for a twirl on the dance floor, or even just a subtle soft light for a bride to look at the canvas of the wedding event and take it all in, it's amazing to behold the spectrum of both light and emotion.

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Barr Mansion Shines
Thistlewood Manor Sunset
A Shower of Light at Hummingbird House
A Quiet Moment to Reflect
No Way Can We Explain This

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