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Stregare Cheesecake Company is Austin's premier designer cheesecake company.  We specialize in custom cheesecakes and cheese tortes and the creativity doesn't stop there.  We are happy to work with you or your event planner to create a display that is as beautiful as it is delicious.  Stregare is an Italian word that means to bewitch and we can promise you that your guests will enjoy our creations with all their senses.  We take great pride in providing you with a high quality product and exceptional customer service.  Below are just a few of the key points that set our company head and shoulders above the rest. Locally sourced ingredients - we look for every opportunity to include local fresh ingredients into our products.  Our commitment to quality will always be reflected in the ingredients we use.  Much like the traditional communities of Europe, our commitment to sourcing and providing good local food is not a trend, just a way of life. Custom creations of flavor and style “ our cakes are delicious and incredibly versatile in style and flavor.  We can match your colors at a wedding or special party.  Have a theme to your event?  Let us design a flavor and look that will fit in perfectly!  We can help you put the crowning touches on your event to give it something extra special.  We are always up for a challenge and love working with families and catering companies to create something extraordinary.  We will work with you personally to find out what your needs are and to create a few options that will most fit your requests. Made fresh to order “ never frozen! “ we don't freeze our cakes before you get them.  We make them, typically, the night before you need them and deliver them fresh to your door.  We feel that this strategy provides you with the freshest and best tasting cheesecake you can get.  We will never compromise our quality of flavor and texture by freezing our cakes before we deliver them to you.

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