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Your Kiss is on Our List

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Daniel Ramirez
Your Kiss is on Our List

"When they insist on knowing my bliss, I tell them this..."

Is there anything so visibly romantic as a kiss? If there is, we're not sure what it is. And, considering the wealth of talent available in the Austin and Central Texas area, it's natural that these kisses – between bride-to-be and groom-in-waiting, or newly married bride and groom – should be immortalized by some of the best photographs we've seen on Instagram. Check out the kisses that made our list, and if there is one you believe should have, don't hesitate to tell us!

Tag your photos with #austinweddingday and we'll see to it that YOUR kiss makes the next list! Follow @austinweddingday on Instagram, and check out the talented people who help forge or craft the stunning images below and make these kisses last forever.


Also: Shout out to Hall and Oates for the Friday tunespiration with "Kiss On My List"

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A Starry Kiss
Classic Kiss
A Laid Back Kiss
Epic Kiss

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